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Standard Uniform Loan Application, Form 1003

Standard Uniform Loan Application, Form 1003

A standard loan application widely used in the mortgage industry. Lenders use Fannie Mae Form 1003 to record relevant financial information about an applicant who applies for a conventional one- to four-family mortgage.

Download current Form 1003 form Fannie-Mae web site.

The lender may accept applications taken during a face-to-face interview, over the telephone, through the mail, or via the Internet. The lender should complete all blanks and attach any separate exhibits, details, or statements that are relevant to underwriting the mortgage.

The borrower(s) must sign the original application at the time it is completed. If the application is taken over the telephone or via the Internet, the borrower(s) must sign the completed application as soon as possible thereafter. However, an electronic signature or facsimile of the borrower's signature is acceptable as indicated in the "Acknowledgment and Agreement" section of the application.

The lender should retain the original application with the supporting information provided by the borrower(s). Before or at the loan closing, the borrower(s) must sign the final application that the lender prepares based on its verification of the information that the borrower(s) provided in the original application.

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