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Applying Online For A Home Loan Can Give You An Instant Approval

By Carrie Reeder

" Instant Approval For Home Loans" is a common refrain for online mortgage lenders, but sometimes instant is longer than you think. During regular business hours with a typical application, you can expect the databases to approve your application almost immediately. However, any glitch in the system will require the intervention of a person, which adds a time delay.

The following lists the most common reasons for a delayed mortgage application. While you can prevent some of these delays, most are caused by the mortgage lender's system. So just because your mortgage application is delayed, don't assume it has been denied.

Complete The Application

Many applications are returned due to incomplete information. Start the application process by collecting all your financial and employment records, so you have the information on hand. After you have filled out the forms, double-check it for partial names and addresses before you press the submit button.

Details Count

Approvals of mortgage applications are based on databases communicating with each other. You enter your address on the site and the mortgage lender verifies the information from several different sources. If there is a discrepancy between the information, the mortgage lender's system will flag the application for review.

You can try to avoid this delay by making sure address and names are complete. However, if the information was entered into the database incorrectly by a third party, then you will have to wait for a review.

Changes Take Time To Catch Up

If you have moved, changed jobs, or made any other significant changes to your personal or financial situation, it probably won't show up in the databases yet. Put your current information on your application, but expect a delay as the information is double-checked.

Database Delays

Databases are wonderful devices when they are working. However, databases need maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. These downtimes usually occur late at night or early morning, and sometimes during business hours.

Waiting Out Delays

After one business day, if you can't wait, contact the mortgage lender either through email or over the phone to check the status of your mortgage application. A customer service representative will be able to tell you the reason for the delay and the time it will take for your application to process.

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