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Questions About the Failure of Mortgage Locks
December 15, 2003  ?Why have lock failures increased recently? A lock failure occurs when a lender does not honor a mortgage price that a borrower had believed was guaranteed. Lock failures occur when interest rates are rising and honoring locks is costly to lenders. ... more...

Should I Lie About My Income?
March 5, 2001 ?I'm self-employed with a low income, but my credit is perfect and I have substantial assets.  I felt I was a perfect candidate for a no-ratio loan but my mortgage broker showed me that I can get a lower interest rate with a "stated income" loan ... more...

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Standard Uniform Loan Application, Form 1003
Standard Uniform Loan Application, Form 1003 A standard loan application widely used in the mortgage industry. Lenders use Fannie Mae Form 1003 to record relevant financial information about an applicant who applies for a conventional one- to four-family mortgage. Download ... more...

Loan Application
Loan Application The form used to obtain the borrower’s information and define the terms of the loan. Also is commonly referred to as the 1003 form - Uniform Residential Mortgage Loan Application. The lender may accept applications taken during a face-to-face ... more...

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Get Free application Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Learn the Difference Between a Mortgage Inquiry and Mortgage Application
Mortgage lenders are allowed to make there own application processes, so sometimes if not done with a formal written document, and with the use of employees and other loan officers or brokers, it can be unclear on whether or not the applicant is simply an inquiry or an applicant.When the loan ... more...

Making The Decision To Automate Your Software Testing
Not every software testing project can or should be automated. Before your department accepts a new test automation project, you should establish a process by which projects are reviewed and either accepted or rejected. This can be done with a simple Test Automation Acceptance Checklist.Repeatable ... more...

The Red Flags of Getting a Home Loan
Red flags are indicators that there may be a current or future problem with the borrower or transaction. They help Underwriters isolate pertinent issues that are part of the overall loan evaluation. They are questionable items, and when there are several, they usually indicate that something is ... more...

How Loan Decisions Are Made
If you've ever wondered exactly what the process by which loan decisions are made is, it is actually much simpler than you might expect.While there are some large corporate banks that can have loan committees made up of a fairly large group of people, many smaller banks and lending companies leave ... more...

Student Loan Consolidation Walkthrough
If you are a current or former student with school loans, you have probably been bombarded with mailed and online solicitations to consolidate your debt. The loan application process can seem overwhelming, particularly if you have more than a couple of loans issued from a number of lenders. However ... more...

How to Complete a Mortgage Application
Once you have decided to purchase your dream home and have selected a mortgage lender, it is now time to fill a mortgage application. Most people would wonder how to complete a mortgage application. It is not that difficult, once you have all the information at hand. There is a Uniform Residential ... more...

Online Payday Loan Application - Speed Through The Process
If you are looking to apply for a payday loan online, here are some things you can expect to be asked on your payday loan application. Know what to expect so that your application process will be quick and easy.The Payday Loan Application will include questions like:Do you have a checking account ... more...

Applying Online For A Home Loan Can Give You an Instant Approval
Instant Approval For Home Loans is a common refrain for online mortgage lenders, but sometimes instant is longer than you think. During regular business hours with a typical application, you can expect the databases to approve your application almost immediately. However, any glitch in the system ... more...

Home Equity Loan Improvements
There's more Regulation Z compliance on the way, courtesy of the Home Equity Loan Consumer Protection Act. This fall banks will have to implement the new home equity loan disclosure rules the Federal Reserve Board was required to issue under the act.The Federal Reserve released the final version of ... more...

Mortgage Loan Application Denied?
Having your mortgage application denied can be a humiliating experience. The first step to having your application approved is not to take the denial personally and correct whatever problems you have. Here is all you need to get started.Understanding why your mortgage application was denied is ... more...

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