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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mortgage Escrows
December 4, 2000, Revised December 3, 2002, November 16, 2004 "I can set up an escrow account for paying taxes and insurance, or not. The decision is mine. How do I make it?" The major advantage of a mortgage escrow is that the lender assumes responsibility for ... more...

How Do I Figure Escrows?
September 6, 1999 "My loan officer tells me I need to deposit $1157 into an escrow account at closing to take care of future taxes and hazard insurance payments, but when I asked him where that number came from he said 'it is set by HUD' and was unable to explain it further. ... more...

escrow account related definitions

Escrow An account held by the lender into which the home buyer pays money for tax or insurance payments. Also earnest deposits held pending loan closing. You'll ... more...

Closing Costs
Closing Costs Expenses incurred by the buyer and seller in a real estate or mortgage transaction. There are two types of costs: recurring and non recurring. Non-recurring costs are one time transactional costs ... more...

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Get Free escrow account Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

RESPA: The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a consumer protection statute, first passed in 1974. One of its purposes is to help consumers become better shoppers for settlement services. Another purpose is to eliminate kickbacks and referral fees that increase unnecessarily the costs of ... more...

Escrow Accounts Are You Paying Too Much?
Money in escrow is "dead money". It doesnt earn interest for you and it doesnt reduce your mortgage interest payments. Therefore every cent in your escrow account is costing you money. Make sure there is no more tied up in escrow than there needs to be!Here is a brief summary of what lenders can ... more...

Real Estate Tip: Escrow Accounts -- Do You Really Need Them?
If you have a mortgage on your property, whether it's for your personal residence or a real estate investment, chances are you have an escrow account. But if you are working on building wealth through real estate, you may want to take a hard look at your escrow account (or accounts, if you own more ... more...

Escrow Accounts, Do You Absolutely Need One?
With escrow accounts the money for your home insurance and property tax is added to your monthly mortgage payment and is paid out each year. With that said, you may think that having an escrow account takes the responsibility off your shoulders because the bank will make the payment for you each ... more...

Mortgage Glossary - A Glossary of Mortgage Terms You Should Know
Acceleration Clause A clause in a mortgage defining that the entire outstanding balance can become due and payable should mortgage default occur. If the entire balance is not paid, the property will be foreclosed.Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Mortgage with interest rates that may be adjusted by ... more...

Home Mortgage Refinancing Whats in Your Contract?
Are you one of the millions of Americans who will be refinancing their home mortgage loan this year? When you sign your contract and the other papers for your refinance, will you know what your signing?Your Contract: This one is simple, but I would guess very few people do it. READ THE ENTIRE ... more...

Mortgage Loans
A mortgage is a device used to create a lien on real estate by contract. The mortgage is an instrument that the borrower (called the mortgagor) uses to pledge real property to the lender (called the mortgagee) as security for a debt, also called hypothecation. The mortgage, as a rule, consists of ... more...

Home Buying Process - Pointers
Before you rush out to purchase a home, there a few tips that might help you get a great deal on the home of your dreams. First, before anything else, it would be in your best interests to talk with a lending company and receive a pre-qualification letter. This letter will let you know exactly what ... more...

Hawaii Mortgage and Home Loan Trends
One of the latest trends in the mortgage industry in the Hawaiian islands involves pre-approving borrower loans. Prospective buyers will know what they can afford before shopping for a home. When you pre-approve, home sellers and real estate agents will know you are a serious buyer. Being approved ... more...

Selling by Owner Escrow or Closing Checklist
Home sellers should keep on top of their pending sale; especially when selling without the assistance of a real estate agent. Sometimes busy real estate agents forget to monitor all aspects of a pending sale.Heres a checklist for home sellers:Selling Escrow ChecklistProperty Address:Date escrow ... more...

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