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Which Reverse Mortgage Plan Do I Choose?
April 8, 2003 ?I am 79.  The counselor I saw in connection with my reverse mortgage told me that Fannie Mae?s Home Keeper product would provide me with more money than FHA?s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, but that Home Keeper would cost me more.  The decision was mine ... more...

Mortgage Prepayment as Investment: Another Look
November 3, 2003 "Should not your analysis of when mortgage repayment is a good investment distinguish between two different sets of circumstances? One is where you pay off the mortgage in one fell swoop by liquidating assets. The other is where you allocate surplus ... more...

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Negative Amortization
Negative Amortization Negative amortization, also known as Neg Amortization, NegAm, NegAmMort, occurs when borrower pays back less than the full amount of interest owed to the lender each month. The difference betweeen full interest and paid amount is added to the total amount ... more...

Deed of Trust
Deed Of Trust In many states, this document is used in place of a mortgage to secure the payment of a note. Used in many states in lieu of a mortgage to secure the payment of a note. In a deed of trust there are three ... more...

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Get Free lump sum payment Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Are You Suffering from Payment Protection Overload?
Critical illness insurance:Critical illness insurance will cover you in the event of a serious illness such as cancer, coronary artery by-pass surgery, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Additional conditions covered by this insurance can include ... more...

Getting Cash Now for Your Structured Settlement
If youve agreed to accept a structured settlement, its likely that you felt a sense of relief that your financial uncertainties were being resolved, and that youd have the funds necessary to pay your bills, support your family and go on with your life. When you agreed to the terms of the ... more...

Structured Settlements Should You Sell Yours?
In recent years, it has become more common for victims of accidental injury who accept a settlement from the at-fault party to accept a structured settlement instead of a lump-sum payment. With a structured settlement, the injured party receives payments over an agreed-upon length of time five ... more...

Structured Settlements 101: How Structured Settlements Work
You have probably heard the term Structured Settlement on a television or print ad and wondered what it meant. After all, the term is not a part of our everyday lexicon.A structured settlement is a contract under which an insurance company undertakes to make periodic payments to an injured party as ... more...

Fixed Term Life Insurance Explained
The importance of having adequate life cover should never be underestimated and the solution may be in taking out fixed term life insurance cover.But first of all, why is life insurance so important? Sadly, many people see it as an unnecessary expense, thinking that once they die, why will they ... more...

Guide to Flexible Mortgages
Outlined below is a useful guide to flexible mortgages. Flexible mortgages are also known as Australian Mortgages because they usually feature something which is common in Australia - interest recalculation on a daily basis.Daily interest rate calculation means that the amount you owe falls each ... more...

Decision Time: Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit?
Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit continue to grow in popularity. According to the Consumer Bankers Association, during 2003 combined home equity line and loan portfolios grew 29%, following a torrid 31% growth rate in 2002. With so many people deciding to cash in on their home's ... more...

How to Convert Your Real Estate Notes into Quick Cash
If youre a real estate investor needing quick cash, selling your notes could offer a fast, easy solution. It can happen to anyone. You find yourself in a situation where you need a chunk of cashinstantly. Maybe you have to handle an emergency or simply want to free up funds to invest elsewhere. ... more...

Refinancing Your Home Equity Loan
Home equity loans allow homeowners to borrow money using their home's equity as collateral. Homes are our biggest investment. Because of low interest rates, many homeowners are choosing to refinance their homes for lower rates. Lower rates equal a lower monthly payment. On the other hand, some ... more...

Second Mortgages and Home Equity Loans
Second mortgages and home equity loans are perfect for homeowners needing money to make home improvements, eliminate debt, and so forth. These loans allow homeowners to obtain loans based on their home's equity. Home equity loans and second mortgages are better than refinancing because funds are ... more...

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