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Do Secondary Mortgage Markets Help Borrowers?
October 7, 1999, revised April 2, 2003 "In a recent column you said that there was no serious downside to borrowers from having their loans sold, but you didn't point to any upside to the practice, either?Don't loan sales raise costs, ... more...

How Much of Your House Does an Investor Deserve?
1 August 2005 "I have a friend who wants to put up the 20% down payment I need to purchase my house. It would be an investment by him, which he would recover when I sell the house or in 7 years, whichever comes first. Our problem is in determining the percent of the house ... more...

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Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS
Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) are bond or other financial obligation secured by a pool of mortgage loans. Mortgage loans are purchased from banks, mortgage companies, and other originators and then assembled into pools by purchasing entity. ... more...

Mortgage Note
Mortgage Note A written negotiable promise (agreement) to pay a sum of money plus interest at a set interest rate. The note is secured by a mortgage. In turn, mortgage is secured by property. Mortgage note states the amount of debt and the rate of interest, and makes the ... more...

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Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Detroit Michigan Real Estate
Detroit Michigan Real Estate Detroit, Michigan, is located in Oakland County, of , and of , . Detroit has a population of 951,270. Detroit Homes Detroit properties pool is 336,428 residential properties including Detroit new homes. Median age of real estate in Detroit is 1948. Average ... more...

Dallas Texas Real Estate
Dallas Texas Real Estate Dallas, Texas, is located in Dallas County, of , and of , . Dallas has a population of 1,188,580. Dallas Homes Dallas properties pool is 451,697 residential properties including Dallas new homes. Median age of real estate in Dallas is 1971. Average Household ... more...

Indianapolis Indiana Real Estate
Indianapolis Indiana Real Estate Indianapolis, Indiana, is located in Marion County, of , and of , . Indianapolis has a population of 791,926. Indianapolis Homes Indianapolis properties pool is residential properties including Indianapolis new homes. Median age of real estate in ... more...

Nashville Tennessee Real Estate
Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Nashville, Tennessee, is located in Davidson County, of , and of , . Nashville has a population of 569,891. Nashville Homes Nashville properties pool is residential properties including Nashville new homes. Median age of real estate in Nashville is . ... more...

Seattle Washington Real Estate
Seattle Washington Real Estate Seattle, Washington, is located in Kitsap County, of , and of , . Seattle has a population of 563,374. Seattle Homes Seattle properties pool is 258,510 residential properties including Seattle new homes. Median age of real estate in Seattle is 1953. ... more...

Stop Losing Thousands of Dollars Every Day: Six Tips For Creating Wealth
We all go to school for about twelve years, kindergarten through high school. Some of us go to college and then graduate school. Personally, I went to school for three years beyond college with law school and took financial courses after that was over. In all of that time, economics courses, ... more...

Jacksonville Florida Real Estate
Jacksonville Florida Real Estate Jacksonville, Florida, is located in Duval County, of , and of , . Jacksonville has a population of 735,617. Jacksonville Homes Jacksonville properties pool is 284,492 residential properties including Jacksonville new homes. Median age of real estate in ... more...

Should You Get a Home Equity Line of Credit?
Let me explain why you might not want to get a home equity line of credit: I will use my friend Nadia as an example. Nadia bought her house in sunny Florida early 1998. She got a 30 years fixed interest loan and her monthly mortgage is $732, including property taxes.In those days in 1998 the gas ... more...

Boston Massachusetts Real Estate
Boston Massachusetts Real Estate Boston, Massachusetts, is located in Suffolk County, of , and of , . Boston has a population of 589,141. Boston Homes Boston properties pool is 239,528 residential properties including Boston new homes. Median age of real estate in Boston is 1939. ... more...

Columbus Ohio Real Estate
Columbus Ohio Real Estate Columbus, Ohio, is located in Franklin County, of , and of , . Columbus has a population of 711,470. Columbus Homes Columbus properties pool is 301,788 residential properties including Columbus new homes. Median age of real estate in Columbus is 1971. Average ... more...

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