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Upfront Mortgage Brokers Listed by State
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  BEFORE CONTACTING BROKERS LISTED BELOW, READ  "HOW TO DEAL WITH A UMB" Upfront Mortgage Brokers as of December 10, 2005  Arizona Resident Brokers Keith Carothers, AZ Mortgage Dr. Fee: Negotiated on a case-by-case basis www.azmortgagedr ... more...

Is This a Good Definition of Predatory Lending?
18 October 2004 "The California mortgage brokers association has recently come out with a definition of ?predatory lending?, which they claim will allow borrowers to protect themselves. Do you agree?" I think they get an A for effort, and are on the right track in ... more...

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Truth-In-Lending, TILA
Truth-In-Lending A federal law requiring disclosure of the Annual Percentage Rate to home buyers shortly after they apply for the loan. Also known as Regulation Z and Truth-In-Lending-Act (TILA). Requires disclosures about its terms and cost and gives consumers the right ... more...

Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker A company or a qualified person that obtains mortgages for borrowers by finding lending institutions, insurance companies or private sources to lend the money. If a person, mortgage broker called a loan officer. A mortgage broker works for you, not for the ... more...

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Get Free nationwide lending Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Establishing Credit
Establishing credit is very important. Whether you have previously had a good credit standing and lost it, or you are just beginning to accumulate credit and establish a credit rating, a few standard concepts will help you establish a good credit rating.The principle way that a lending agency ... more...

Obtaining a Small Business Loan
Whether you are starting a manufacturing company or opening up a coffee shop, SBA loans are the way to finance your small business. Small business loans are loans that are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, which was started to assist entrepreneurs in forming successful small ... more...

SBA Loan: Qualifying and Applying
According to federal government research, small businesses provide about 75% of the net new jobs added to Americas economy. They also employ fully onehalf of Americas private sector workforce. In addition, 99.7% of all employers in the U.S. are small business owners. These statistics make a ... more...

Personal Finance - Have Consumers Had a Belly Full of Personal Debt?
For months, we were trigger-swipe happy, putting our groceries, clothes, holidays and service charges on our credit cards. We wanted mortgages, we took out loans, we watched Property Ladder and What Not To Wear. Whether you were born middle class, had middle class aspirations, you became middle ... more...

Mortgage and UK Housing Markets Experience Fluctuations
Mortgage lenders and property agencies have just released their latest figures for the UK housing market displaying some conflicting results but the overall mood from analysts appears to be one of optimism for improvements in housing market activity. Property prices are on the rise again ... more...

Shopping For A Car? Dont Get Taken For A Ride!
Imagine this ... You're ready to buy a new car. You've done your research on the web at a site like Edmunds.com so you know what the dealer has paid for the model you want. Based on your information you've established your comfort zone for price haggling.You walk into the dealership, meet with a ... more...

How to Find Wake County Mortgage Companies
Congratulations! Youve just inked a deal to purchase a home. Wake County is a terrific place to livegreat schools, cultural amenities, state government nearby, easy access to the beaches and mountains, etc. However, the seller is very nervous as he eagerly waits to see if you can finance the deal. ... more...

SBA Loan: Options, Benefits, and Lenders Part 2 of 2
In this second installment, we will further examine what kinds of SBA loan options are available, and for what kinds of businesses they are most advantageous. We will also discuss the different types of SBA lenders.There are several different lending programs for those who qualify for an SBA loan. ... more...

Identity Theft Monitor Your Credit Report
The recent security breach at credit card processor CardSystems Solutions has many consumers worried. Thanks to a well-placed computer virus, nearly forty million credit card numbers were stolen, and cardholders nationwide are justifiably concerned about identity theft. Should a thief steal your ... more...

Buying and Selling a Home Isn't the Same Old Thing
Discover New Ways to Save Money & Protect HomeHome owners faced with buying and selling a home have more options than in the past. It used to be the same old thing all the time. The buyer would find a home they like and purchase it, then get a mortgage, and move into the home. When it came time ... more...

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