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HUD's Proposals For Reform
October 19, 2002 On July 29, 2002, HUD released a set of proposals to substantially change the ways in which home loans are originated in the US.  As usual, the proposals were open for comment, and many thousands of them were received.  Mine was among them, and is shown ... more...

The APR on a Cash-Out Refinance
September 24, 2001 "I need $20,000 and am comparing a cash-out refinancing with a second mortgage loan.  The cash-out refinance would be for $185,000 at 8%, with lender fees of $1850 and other settlement costs of $3150.  My current mortgage is at 7.5%, has a ... more...

APR in Mortgage Loan related definitions

Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loan
Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loan A secured loan (mortgage) that is subordinate to another loan against the same property. More specifically, the second loan in sequence. Generally, second mortgage hass a higher interest rate and with shorter terms than a ... more...

Negative Amortization
Negative Amortization Negative amortization, also known as Neg Amortization, NegAm, NegAmMort, occurs when borrower pays back less than the full amount of interest owed to the lender each month. The difference betweeen full interest and paid amount is added to the total amount ... more...

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Get Free APR in Mortgage Loan Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Top 10 Things to Consider on Home Loans
Here are our Top 10 most important things to consider when shopping for a Home Loan, Equity Line of Credit, or Refinance, courtesy of Loans-Directory.Org:Down-PaymentFixed Versus Adjustable RateAPRLoan TypesLoan Amount Qualification, IncomeLoan Amount Qualification, ExpensesEmployment and Credit ... more...

Best Home Mortgage Refinance Loan - Comparing Refinance Costs
Everyone knows that comparing lenders can help you find the best refinancing deal, but those numbers can be confusing. When you are comparing lenders, investigate rates, fees, and points. Remember too that just because a mortgage company has the lowest rates, doesnt mean they have the best deal for ... more...

Colorado Mortgage Rates
When looking for a mortgage it is very important to keep ones mortgage deal, including credit profile, in good shape. One should also know what lending organizations expect from the borrower. Now lets look into what the borrower expects from the lender. This factor is also an important one, as a ... more...

A Guide to Common Loan Terms
Many people may wonder about common loan terms words and phrases that are often tossed about when describing different types of loans that are assumed to be common knowledge.These common loan terms represent very important parts of the lending process, but to the person who isn't entirely sure what ... more...

Poor Credit Mortgage Refinance - How to Avoid a Bad Loan?
In the market for a mortgage refinance but have poor credit? Then avoid bad loans by being a smart shopper. Dont accept the first offer you get in the mail because it could be the worst deal. Instead, compare financing packages for sensible rates. Asking questions of financing companies will also ... more...

Florida Mortgage Loan Rates
Owning a home is a big investment and usually a one-time investment for most people. This is because of the high capital involved. Mortgage loans are a great option that many people use while purchasing a home. A mortgage loan is a loan taken for purchasing a property, wherein that property is kept ... more...

Residential Mortgages a Step Ahead on the Property Ladder
Doesnt Residential mortgage give the impression that they are a different breed of mortgages? They are often thought at the first instance to be a complex term, which they arent. They are actually the regular mortgages that we hear of so often.Mortgages can be taken by all people whether for living ... more...

Mortgage Glossary - A Glossary of Mortgage Terms You Should Know
Acceleration Clause A clause in a mortgage defining that the entire outstanding balance can become due and payable should mortgage default occur. If the entire balance is not paid, the property will be foreclosed.Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Mortgage with interest rates that may be adjusted by ... more...

Tips for Finding the Best Agri Mortgage and the Best Agri Loan
The Research Rates of Agri MortgageFirst thing, when finding an agri mortgage is to check the interest rates and the rate movements, too. The agri mortgage rates can't be too constant, they are rising and falling along the Wall Street security; that reflects the direction of rates. It is very ... more...

Defining Common Banking Terms
Banking is one of the most important industries in the world today the economy of every country in the world flows through the various banks and financial institutions that exist in the world.There are times, though, that some of the terminology that's used in banks and the banking industry might ... more...

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