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Tutorial on Selecting Mortgage Features
Planning to shop for a mortgage on-line? You need to answer the following questions first, so you know exactly what you are shopping for.      1. What Type of Mortgage Should I Select? 2. Which Mortgage Options Should I Select? 3. How Long a Term Should I Take? 4. ... more...

What's the Remedy for Predatory Lending?
August 20, 2001 "How do we get rid of predatory lending?" Community Action There are 4 general approaches to getting rid of predatory lending.  The first is to identify predators and either persuade them to change their practices or counsel consumers to ... more...

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Equal Credit Oportunity Act
Equal Credit Oportunity Act (ECOA) Is a federal law that requires lenders and other creditors to make credit equally available without discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status or receipt of income from public assistance programs. ... more...

Section 8 Housing
Section 8 Housing The Section 8 program began during the Great Depression to increase the housing choices available to very low-income households by making privately-owned rental housing affordable to them. It provides rent subsidies, either rental certificates or vouchers, on ... more...

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Get Free Cash Out Cannot Be Used For Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Do Payday Loans Deserve a Bad Rap?
We have all heard the stories about cash advance lenders charging their customers excessive interest fees. It is true that most payday loans have the highest interest rates compared to any other type of loan. As unfair as this may sound, payday loans do serve a purpose and there are many people who ... more...

No Credit Check Fast Cash Loans - 3 Things To Know About Cash Advance Loans
For people who work with a tight monthly budget, even the smallest financial emergencies can seem like full-blown disasters. Its hard to pay for an unexpected increase in utility bills or for unforeseen home repairs especially if you live from paycheck to paycheck. To make ends meet, you may need ... more...

Secured Loans Key to Fulfill Your Dreams
Have you been delaying your plan to renovate your home or getting married or starting a new business or any other, just because you dont have sufficient bank balance in your account? Do you want all these desires to remain a dream only, I presume definitely not. Everyone wish to fulfill ones ... more...

UK Parents Inactivity Harming Their Childrens Future University and Mortgage Savings
The British government at the beginning of this year officially launched its Child Trust Fund (CTF) initiative in an effort to encourage parents and children to develop the savings habit and to teach children the value of saving their own money.Chancellor, Gordon Brown said, "The Child Trust Fund ... more...

Secured Holiday Loans- Your Chance To Unwind Your Senses
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.The phrase sounds more as a clich, having been used innumerable times right from the time it was coined, but has a vital message enclosed within itself. It sermonizes about the place rest has in the life of a person.After months of hectic work, one looks ... more...

Five Things Never To Tell Your Mortgage Lender When Facing Foreclosure
1. Never discuss your household finances over the phone with the collection department. What you dont know is that you are being qualified and not know it. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a turn down. Request a homeowners assistance package so that you can submit the require information ... more...

Loans - Good or Bad Debt?
When borrowing money it is usually because we lack the cash to make a large purchase, such as for a car, home or education. However, an important question to ask yourself when borrowing is if the purchase you would like to make is creating good debt or bad debt.Good debt is considered borrowing ... more...

Home Equity Loan When Does Refinancing Make Sense?
For the last two years, interest rates have been much lower than anytime during the last thirty years. This has resulted in an unprecedented boom in real estate sales, home refinancing and home equity lending, as borrowers try to take advantage of these rates for the long term. But refinancing or ... more...

What is Your Creative Retirement Plan?
The idle are a peculiar kind of dead that cannot be buried. Oriental proverbOne thing is certain - when you do not have a creative challenge during your retirement years, the idleness and its accompanying despondency blots out any chance for happiness and contentment and can even encourage an early ... more...

Online Home Equity Loans
Home equity loans have become one of the most sought after ways to lower debt payments through consolidation, to find the cash for remodeling, or purchasing a vehicle at a low interest rate. Applying for a home equity loan is like other loan applications: The applicant gives the prospective lender ... more...

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