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Upfront Mortgage Brokers Listed by State
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  BEFORE CONTACTING BROKERS LISTED BELOW, READ  "HOW TO DEAL WITH A UMB" Upfront Mortgage Brokers as of December 10, 2005  Arizona Resident Brokers Keith Carothers, AZ Mortgage Dr. Fee: Negotiated on a case-by-case basis www.azmortgagedr ... more...

What's the Remedy for Predatory Lending?
August 20, 2001 "How do we get rid of predatory lending?" Community Action There are 4 general approaches to getting rid of predatory lending.  The first is to identify predators and either persuade them to change their practices or counsel consumers to ... more...

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Prime Rate
Prime Rate In North American banking, the prime rate is the interest rate a banks charge to their best or "prime" customers. Each bank will quote a prime lending rate. Many institutions quote prime rates established by large money center commercial banks such as ... more...

Realtor © Realtor © is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors © (NAR), an organization with over 700,000 members, and subscribes to its code of ethics. ... more...

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Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate
Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate Charlotte, North Carolina, is located in Mecklenburg County, of , and of , . Charlotte has a population of 540,828. Charlotte Homes Charlotte properties pool is 215,745 residential properties including Charlotte new homes. Median age of real estate ... more...

North Carolina Real Estate - Mountains, Coast and Tobacco Road
North Carolina has much to offer and is booming. North Carolina real estate is on the move as well.North CarolinaNorth Carolina is a state with a variety of styles. Head to the mountains and youll find a slower, gentler pace of life in stunning scenery. Providing over 15 percent of all the ... more...

Charlotte Mortgage Quote
Known as the Queen City, Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. Home to more than 600,000 residents the entire metropolitan area continues to grow as people flock in to experience the citys many businesses, good schools, and enjoyable way of life. If you are buying a home in Charlotte, ... more...

The Way to a Better Home: A North Carolina Mortgage
Few areas in North America are as beautiful, as prosperous, and growing as fast as North Carolina, and that has brought a massive influx in home starts in the Carolinas region over the past few years. Home owners and investors have been looking to North Carolina as the new gold rush, as home prices ... more...

Put Your Calendar To Work
It's an October evening and your major reception for donors has just begun. Turnout is substandard and most of the attendees are women. Can you say, "World Series?" Sure, I knew that you could!Every organization should create an annual PR and marketing calendar so that it can avoid the World ... more...

Six Tips For Perfect Email Media Pitches
Your media pitches can go straight over the plate. With a little forethought, and a few tips, you can throw fewer balls and more media relations strikes.Brevity is the soul of wit. Shakespeare could have been giving media relations tips when he penned this gem several hundred years ago. If you ... more...

A Successful Failure
A successfully positioned business sometimes doesn't win a new client. And that, my friend, is the point. Let me illustrate with an anecdote.Recently I was making a new business pitch to a Charlotte area professional services firm. The second meeting took place after I had provided a detailed ... more...

Divorce and Uncle Sam: Top 10 Things You Should Know When Filing Your Taxes
1. What is my filing status? (Married, Single, Head of Household) Marital standing at year end determines your filing status for the entire year. If you have a decree of divorce or separate maintenance, signed by a judge, you should file as single. Regardless of whether you have a signed decree you ... more...

Athens Georgia Real Estate
Athens Georgia Real Estate Athens, Georgia, is located in Clarke County, of , and 169 miles SW of Charlotte, North Carolina. Athens has a population of 101,489. Athens Homes Athens properties pool is residential properties including Athens new homes. Median age of real estate in Athens ... more...

Augusta Georgia Real Estate
Augusta Georgia Real Estate Augusta, Georgia, is located in Richmond County, of , and 138 miles SW of Charlotte, North Carolina. Augusta has a population of 199,775. Augusta Homes Augusta properties pool is residential properties including Augusta new homes. Median age of real estate ... more...

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