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Is a 3.95% Adjustable Rate Mortgage a Good Deal?
February 21, 2000 "Despite rising interest rates in recent months, I continue to see advertisements for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) with a 3.95% rate. Why hasn?t the rate on this ARM risen with other rates? Is this a bait and switch, or what?" It is not a ... more...

How to Deal With a UMB
January 28, 2004 Here are some guidelines for dealing with a UMB. Your Shopping Focus: When you deal with a UMB, your major focus should shift from shopping the price of the mortgage to shopping for a broker ... more...

Current Fixed Mortgage Rates related definitions

Variable Rate Mortgage
Variable Rate Mortgage The variable rate mortgage, affectionately know as Adjusatuble rate mortgage or ARM is a mortgage with a rate that will adjust over time. You may be familiar with the term three year ARM, or five-year ARM. ... more...

Adjustable Rate Mortgage, ARM
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Also known as a variable rate mortgage. The interest rate on these mortgages changes periodically. Variable or adjustable loans are loans whose interest rate fluctuates over the period of the ... more...

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Get Free Current Fixed Mortgage Rates Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Reasons to Refinance When Rates Are Moving Up
Interest rates have enjoyed record lows during the last few years allowing many people to refinance and enjoy lower mortgage payments. Now, interest rates are moving in the other direction. The average 30 year fixed rate, according to mortgage giant, Freddie Mac, was 6.31% last week. Still, during ... more...

Understanding a UK Commercial Mortgage
In many ways a commercial mortgage is just like a residential mortgage in that you pledge real property as collateral against a loan to either buy or refinance that property. You can also receive a commercial re-mortgage and use it as a line of credit for any business purpose.When you use a ... more...

Mortgage Info You Can Actually Understand!
This is a great time to Refinance Your Home or Buy a New Home -- the Mortgage Rates are so low, these days! It's always worth a shot to find out what the costs of switching over to a new mortgage would be, to see if that's the right move for you.Whether you are building your own house, buying a new ... more...

Accessing Funds You Never Knew You Had- Household Utilities and Mortgage Expense Reduction Plan
For most of us the process of getting out of debt and pursuing a venture that would create an income stream leading to early retirement seems just a pipe dream. It goes without saying; it takes money to make money. Most of us have had our eye on pursuing a stock, invention patent, greater ... more...

Ask the Expert: When Do I Refinance My Home?
Home refinancing is a wonderful financial tool for homeowners to use for debt management to investments. If the home refinance is used correctly, wisely, and at the right time, the benefits from the refinance can improve the financial picture of the homeowner. There is no cookie cutter approach ... more...

6 Things to Consider Before Refinancing
Perhaps youre a homeowner in need of some quick cash.Maybe you want to consolidate your debts so you have better control of your money.Perhaps a lender is urging you to refinance because interest rates are low, and he has a too-good-to-be-true deal that will shorten your current loans term.Here are ... more...

Remortgages: Reaping Benefits on Expertise of Mortgage
It is human tendency to exchange what they have for something better. The benefits of such an exchange cannot be always guaranteed. With remortgages benefits are guaranteed for Benefits is the guiding principle in this process Remortgages is exchanging your present mortgage for new mortgage. ... more...

Bad Credit Remortgage Loan: When Bad Credit Plays Mischief With Your Mortgage
Financial difficulties are married to bad credit. It is a tough marriage but can be peaceful with a little bit of counseling. The recommended counseling in case you have bad credit with a mortgage loan is bad credit remortgage. Remortgage is defined as replacing the current mortgage lender with a ... more...

Short-Term Interest Rates on the Rise; Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders Prepare for Increase in Rate
Interest rates are on the rise and many home owners who have adjustable rate mortgages may see increases in their forthcoming annual adjustments.Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made it clear in 2004 that the Federal Reserve would be increasing short-term interest rates at a measured pace. ... more...

Refinancing Second Mortgage Knowing When to Refinance
Timing the refinancing of your second mortgage is just as important as finding low rates and fees. Before you decide to refinance, make sure that you have a clear benefit. Either save money with lower rates or protect yourself with the security of a low fixed rate second mortgage.When Lower ... more...

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