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How Do You Correct Mistakes in Your Credit Report?
August 6 , 2003 The credit reporting system is imperfect. Sometimes erroneous information is  inserted in a file that adversely affects the consumer?s credit score. If this has  happened to you, use the form below to contact the credit reporting agency  that has reported the ... more...

What Is a Credit Report?
September 10, 2003 A credit report is a report from a credit bureau containing detailed information bearing on credit-worthiness, including the individual's credit history. A typical credit report shows some personal information including social security number; current and past ... more...

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Credit Report
Credit Report A report documenting the credit history and current status of a borrower's credit standing, detailing a borrowers credit history including payment history on revolving accounts (eg. credit cards) and installment ... more...

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How to Understand Credit Report
Now that you have obtained your credit report, the first thing you need to do is read through it and understand what it all means. Don't feel bad if you don't understand what the credit report is saying to you. Most credit reports are coded because it allows shorter time for the computer to ... more...

How to Read an Experian Credit Report
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of the Nationwide Consumer Reporting organizations (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) to provide you with one free credit report every 12 months per your request. This means that you are entitled to three free credit reports per year, if you deem ... more...

Your Credit Rating and How To Check It
There is a lot of confusion surrounding UK credit ratings, credit scores, credit blacklists, credit reports, and credit files. This guide to your credit rating aims to give you the facts you need.What's in a Credit FileThere are two major credit reference agencies in the UK, Equifax and Experian, ... more...

A TRW Free Credit Report Get It From Experian
The TRW free credit report now comes from Experian, one of the three main credit reporting agencies. However, the free credit report that you are entitled to by law is not covered under the TRW free credit report. To obtain this free report you will have to visit another website. The TRW free ... more...

Understanding Credit Report Score
Understanding credit report scores is important when you see your credit report because you need to be able to make some sense of it.Your credit score is used by anyone loaning you money such as credit card companies, home loan lenders, auto loan lenders and finance companies. They all use your ... more...

Finding What is on Your Credit Report
A credit report is basically a file about you kept by lenders and banks. As annoying as it may be, it's still perfectly legal for them to gather all sorts of details about you. In turn, you have the right to check this file - and you should do so and inquire regularly about your credit report and ... more...

Ten Steps To Building A Good Credit History
Are you thinking of buying a house? Do you want to buy a new car to replace that old wreck? Trying to get insurance on you home, auto, or life? In each of these situations, whats on your credit report will determine if you can get a loan or insurance and what rates youll have to pay.If youre trying ... more...

Free Credit Reports For You
American consumers are now entitled to receive one free copy of their credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union are now all required by law to furnish to you a copy of your credit report. This is good news for consumers; please ... more...

Surviving High Debt States
Are you more likely to have more debt according to what state you live in? In a recent report done by Experian on the debt averages per state, the answer is yes! The report, compiled from approximately 3 million consumers nationwide, shows that the North East states of New Hampshire, Connecticut ... more...

Common Credit Score Myths
A lot of credit score myths about fico score ratings get spread around and some of them are just outdated information. Sometimes even lenders can give you the wrong advice and it can get confusing. But the bottom line is bad information can cost you money no matter who you get it from.Fico score ... more...

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