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What's the Remedy for Predatory Lending?
August 20, 2001 "How do we get rid of predatory lending?" Community Action There are 4 general approaches to getting rid of predatory lending.  The first is to identify predators and either persuade them to change their practices or counsel consumers to ... more...

Implementation of MHI Act of 2000
May 19, 2003 The table below, courtesy of the Manufactured Housing Institute, shows compliance by the states with the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. ... more...

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Barrington Illinois Real Estate
Barrington Illinois Real Estate Barrington, Illinois, is located in Lake County, 9 miles NW of Palatine, Illinois and 34 miles NW of Chicago, Illinois. Barrington has a population of 10,168. Barrington Homes Barrington properties pool is 3,718 residential properties including Barrington ... more...

Bartonville Illinois Real Estate
Bartonville Illinois Real Estate Bartonville, Illinois, is located in Peoria County, 5 miles SW of Peoria, Illinois and 134 miles SW of Chicago, Illinois. Bartonville has a population of 6,310. Bartonville Homes Bartonville properties pool is 2,576 residential properties including ... more...

Beardstown Illinois Real Estate
Beardstown Illinois Real Estate Beardstown, Illinois, is located in Cass County, 43 miles W of Springfield, Illinois and 192 miles SW of Chicago, Illinois. Beardstown has a population of 5,766. Beardstown Homes Beardstown properties pool is 2,168 residential properties including ... more...

Belvidere Illinois Real Estate
Belvidere Illinois Real Estate Belvidere, Illinois, is located in Boone County, 10 miles E of Rockford, Illinois and 66 miles NW of Chicago, Illinois. Belvidere has a population of 20,820. Belvidere Homes Belvidere properties pool is 7,510 residential properties including Belvidere new ... more...

Bourbonnais Illinois Real Estate
Bourbonnais Illinois Real Estate Bourbonnais, Illinois, is located in Kankakee County, 27 miles SE of Joliet, Illinois and 50 miles S of Chicago, Illinois. Bourbonnais has a population of 15,256. Bourbonnais Homes Bourbonnais properties pool is 5,371 residential properties including ... more...

Bradley Illinois Real Estate
Bradley Illinois Real Estate Bradley, Illinois, is located in Kankakee County, 28 miles SE of Joliet, Illinois and 50 miles S of Chicago, Illinois. Bradley has a population of 12,784. Bradley Homes Bradley properties pool is 5,027 residential properties including Bradley new homes. Median ... more...

Braidwood Illinois Real Estate
Braidwood Illinois Real Estate Braidwood, Illinois, is located in Will County, 19 miles S of Joliet, Illinois and 50 miles SW of Chicago, Illinois. Braidwood has a population of 5,203. Braidwood Homes Braidwood properties pool is 1,828 residential properties including Braidwood new homes. ... more...

Brookfield Illinois Real Estate
Brookfield Illinois Real Estate Brookfield, Illinois, is located in Cook County, 2 miles W of Berwyn, Illinois and 9 miles W of Chicago, Illinois. Brookfield has a population of 19,085. Brookfield Homes Brookfield properties pool is 7,542 residential properties including Brookfield new ... more...

Canton Illinois Real Estate
Canton Illinois Real Estate Canton, Illinois, is located in Fulton County, 24 miles SW of Peoria, Illinois and 152 miles SW of Chicago, Illinois. Canton has a population of 15,288. Canton Homes Canton properties pool is 5,665 residential properties including Canton new homes. Median age ... more...

Carpentersville Illinois Real Estate
Carpentersville Illinois Real Estate Carpentersville, Illinois, is located in Kane County, 6 miles N of Elgin, Illinois and 35 miles NW of Chicago, Illinois. Carpentersville has a population of 30,586. Carpentersville Homes Carpentersville properties pool is 8,738 residential properties ... more...

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