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Mortgage Professor about Lease Payments: 
Lease-to-Own House Purchases
20 September 2004, 3 October 2005 Postscript What Is a Lease-to-Own Purchase? A lease-to-own house purchase (also "rent-to-own purchase" or "lease purchase") is a lease combined with an option to purchase the property within a specified period, usually 3 ... more...

Can a Deadbeat Pay Cash?
January 10, 2000 "Can we bypass a credit check by paying cash for a new house? My husband and I have very bad credit. Our house has a current value of $400,000 and our current mortgage balance is $250,000. We want to sell and buy a cheaper house by using our equity and ... more...

Lease Payments related definitions

Impound That portion of a borrower's monthly payments held by the lender or servicer to pay for taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, lease payments, and other items as they become due. Also known as reserves. ... more...

Owner Occupied Property
Owner Occupied Property A borrower uses the property as a primary residence. An Owner Occupied loan is secured by property, typically with the borrower renting and occupying the space. If more than one unit, the lease payments may directly support principal and interest ... more...

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Get Free Lease Payments Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Eight Simple Rules for Avoiding Problems When Car Leasing
The lure of low monthly payments leads many automotive consumers to lease when its not right for them. By the time they discover the error of their ways, its too late.Its not possible to cancel a lease deal after the contract has been signed and the car driven off the lot. Its also not possible to ... more...

Smart Car Leasing for Beginners
Car leasing is extremely popular because it provides an attractive method of driving an automobile that you might not otherwise afford. It allows you to make lower monthly payments than with traditional car purchase loans. About one out of every four vehicles driven by automotive consumers in the ... more...

Dodging Leasing's Grim Reaper: Navigating a Payment Default
In her third Harry Potter novel, 'The Prisoner of Azkaban', J.K. Rowling introduces a silent mysterious clan of spiny, cloaked creatures capable of siphoning off happiness and all good thoughts from anyone in their presence. Extended exposure to these scabby grim reapers, called Dementors, resulted ... more...

Venture Leasing - A Smarter Way To Build Enterprise Value
In 2003, venture capitalists and investors dispensed over $18 billion to promising young U.S. companies, according to VentureOne and Ernst & Young Quarterly Venture Capital Report. Less documented and reported is venture leasings activity and volume. This form of equipment financing contributes ... more...

Lease or Buy? That is Always the Question with Car Financing
Leasing is a perfectly viable and legitimate way to finance a new car. Although leasing offers attractive benefits, it is somewhat more complex than buying with a loan. This means there can be pitfalls if a decision to lease is made for the wrong reasons.Therefore, a comparison of leasing versus ... more...

Calculating Car Lease Payments - Online Lease Calculator Makes It Easy
One of the first questions that comes to mind when thinking of leasing a car is: "What will my monthly lease payment amount be?" or "How much can I save by leasing when compared to buying?"Getting the answers can be as simple as using an online lease calculator such as the Lease Calculator from ... more...

Nobody Loves A Landlord
The typical landlord starts off life as a light hearted real estate investor. The investor is brimming with enthusiasm and is determined to acquire some single family homes that will be attractive to renters... and start down the road to financial independence.Then... Wham! Reality smacks them ... more...

Warning - This Lease Might Explode Any Minute
Mike Caringi, owner of a small New Jersey business that sells pumps, found himself facing a gut-wrenching dilemma last summer. Should he continue paying $ 1,500 each month for essential telecommunications services he no longer receives and for leased equipment he claims was never installed? Or, ... more...

Investment Real Estate Done Right -- Your Quickest and Safest Path to Wealth
In investment real estate the quickest way to wealth is through owner financing, or lease optioning. So, let's take a look at one model transaction, involving the purchase and sale of two properties on lease-option contracts so you an apply it to your own investment real estate system.Assume you ... more...

How to Sell Your House by Lease Options
Many people buy a house then have to move within a few years, due to divorce, relocation or financial difficulties. Without any equity though, it can be nearly impossible to find buyers and you still have realtor fees to contend with. There is a simple, easy way to have your payments taken care of ... more...

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