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When Good Credit Marries Bad Credit
November 2, 1998, Revised November 22, 2004 "My fiancee and I are first time buyers and would like to purchase a single family home in New Jersey. He has an outstanding credit report and I have a bad one (collections, ... more...

Should Mortgage Borrowers With Poor Credit Shop?
October 25, 1999 "You keep saying that home buyers ought to shop for the best mortgage terms, but suppose your credit rating sucks? Won't I have trouble finding a lender who will even deal with me, let along find a lot of them ... more...

Mortgage Bad Credit related definitions

Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker An individual in the business of assisting in arranging funding or negotiating contracts for a client buy who does not loan the money himself. Brokers usually charge a fee or receive a commission for their ... more...

Credit Score
Credit Score A single numerical score, based on an individual's credit history, that measures that individual's credit worthiness. Credit scores are as good as the algorithm used to derive them. The most widely used credit score is called ... more...

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Get Free Mortgage Bad Credit Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Bad Credit Florida Mortgage Loans
Mortgage loans are the loans taken while purchasing a house or property. There are various kinds of mortgage loans namely, FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans, consolidation loans, land loans, conventional loans, balloon loans and refinance mortgage loans.Mortgage loan rates in Florida have ... more...

Mortgage Refinance with Bad Credit - The Pros and Cons
To many, the term 'bad credit' is the end of the world when it comes to getting financing in the near future. However, it doesn't always have to be like that, you can take the bad credit mortgage refinance option!Mortgage refinance vs. equity financeIt is essential at the outset that you understand ... more...

Home Loans for Credit Challenged Borrowers
Just because you have negative items on your credit report doesn't mean you can't obtain a home mortgage loan. There are options for you. Bad credit is not the end of the world. It's true that getting a bad credit mortgage loan is not always the easiest or fastest mortgage loan out there, but you ... more...

First Time Home Buyers Guide - A Valuable Resource For Those With No Credit Or Bad Credit
First time homebuyers with bad credit can find buying a home a challenge. Are you a first time homebuyer who has bad credit? This does not always mean you have to suffer with high interest rates or no mortgage at all. There are many choices out there for both first time buyers and those with bad ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Comparing Interest Rates and Mortgage Programs
Bad credit mortgage lenders offer an invaluable service by helping individuals with low credit scores purchase a new home. In a perfect world, everyone who applies for a mortgage will have taken the necessary step to improve their credit beforehand. However, situations do arise that make it ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance - Should I, Shouldn't I?
It is a common financial scenario across households in the Western world. Multiple debts have started to build up: a car loan here, a department store loan there; a bank loan here and several credit cards there. While all may have seemed manageable on the optimistic day you took them out, or spent ... more...

Poor Credit Mortgage Reigns High Among Mortgages Available to Bad Credit Borrowers
Like a big brother keeping notes of the erring behaviour of his younger sibling, credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax maintain a record of each person entering into credit transaction. While a few instances of arrears are considered admissible, as the incidence of bad credit ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage Company - Recognizing Mortgage Lender Scams
Mortgage lenders recognize the value of owning a home. Because some people will not easily qualify for a home loan, several lenders have begun offering home loans to tailor a variety of needs. For this matter, bad credit mortgage lenders have gained widespread popularity. The majority of bad credit ... more...

You Can Get A Bad Credit Mortgage
Recently, my significant other and I decided to buy our first home. We were unaware of the fact that we had bad credit until we sat down with a mortgage lender who told us our credit scores were terrible. He suggested a bad credit mortgage.There are lots of causes to bad credit. One of the biggest ... more...

Bad Credit Home Financing Mortgages for Less than Perfect Credit
Homebuyers must pick loan programs based on their credit history. Because of an influx of new home loans creating more financing options, many people are buying or refinancing homes with poor credit. Hence, low credit scores, bankruptcy, self-employment, or loss of job will not prevent some ... more...

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