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Mortgage Prepayment: Is it a Good Investment?
April 19,1999 "At the present time I can afford to double the monthly payment on my 7 5/8% mortgage, which would reduce the length of my loan from 25 to 5 years. However, if I were to deposit the extra payment in my savings account, I would earn 3% interest on it. ... more...

How Much House Should You Buy?
16 August 2004 "My wife and I are arguing about whether to buy the $150,000 house we set out to buy, or the upgraded version for $185,000 that she fell in love with. She argues that we can afford the more expensive house with an ... more...

Mortgage Tax related definitions

Closing Costs
Closing Costs Expenses incurred by the buyer and seller in a real estate or mortgage transaction. There are two types of costs: recurring and non recurring. Non-recurring costs are one time transactional costs ... more...

Settlement Costs, Closing Costs
Settlement Costs, Closing Costs Expenses incurred by the buyer and seller in a real estate or mortgage transaction. There are two types of costs: recurring and non recurring. Non-recurring costs are one time ... more...

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Get Free Mortgage Tax Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Honey, I Shrunk The Mortgage Interest Deduction Plan 1
The political landscape this year has been nothing but ugly. It promises to come to full boil with the proposed tax reform eliminating or reducing the mortgage interest deduction.Tax Reform or Raising TaxesThere is an old saying about the two political parties. Democrats raise taxes while ... more...

Rebuilding After Katrina: Smart Energy Choices
Energy efficiency has been part of the American lexicon since 1978 when the Energy Policy Act was first enacted. Since then, energy efficient homes and increased use of renewable energy resources have become the norm in states like New York and California. Policies and programs have supported these ... more...

8 Tips for Keeping More of Your Hard Earned Money
Masters degree not required...just a little common sense, a $5.00 calculator and a realistic plan is all youll need.Theres got to be a better way resonates with many of us, when contemplating how frustrated weve become with our investment decisions. Too many Canadians are spending far too much on ... more...

An Overrated Tax Strategy: The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
The mortgage interest deduction just might be the most overrated tax saving strategy there is, and yet it is considered by many to be a primary reason for home ownership.Look, I present financial seminars for thousands of people every year. During breaks people will invariably come up to me and ask ... more...

Home Mortgage Refinancing Whats in Your Contract?
Are you one of the millions of Americans who will be refinancing their home mortgage loan this year? When you sign your contract and the other papers for your refinance, will you know what your signing?Your Contract: This one is simple, but I would guess very few people do it. READ THE ENTIRE ... more...

"How Much Interest is Your Home Equity Earning?"
How much interest are you earning on your home equity? If you answered nothing, zero, zilch, zip you are correct. What would you do if you could get triple compounding on your equity? Would you take action and build a fortune that would allow you to pay off the mortgage and create a retirement ... more...

Honey, I Eliminated The Mortgage Interest Deduction Plan 2
A bipartisan committee has made two recommendations to President Bush regarding tax reform. In this article, we take a look at the second option.Tax ReformA year ago or so, President Bush decided to spend his political capitol on tax reform and fixing social security. Social security reform went ... more...

Creative Home Equity Strategies for Retirement
The Baby-Boom generation is nearing retirement and it is clear that millions of aging Boomers are financially under prepared. Reasons are many - poor savings habits, rising medical costs, the demise of guaranteed corporate pensions, and the dreaded squeeze faced by many: i.e. having to pay college ... more...

How Tax Deductions Work
Many people know that the interest paid on a mortgage is deductible on their income taxes. But they don't understand how it really works.When you understand the way a tax deduction works, you should be able to estimate the amount of tax relief you would receive from owning your own home and paying ... more...

Tax Reform Limit of Mortgage Tax Deduction
A committee appointed by President Bush has come up with an alarming recommendation. They want to limit the tax deduction for mortgage interest!ReformFollowing his re-election, President Bush set up an aggressive agenda in which he hoped to reform social security and the tax code amongst other ... more...

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