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List of Upfront Mortgage Brokers
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  BEFORE CONTACTING BROKERS LISTED BELOW, READ  "HOW TO DEAL WITH A UMB" Upfront Mortgage Brokers as of December 10, 2005    Jeremy AaronsonTMG FinanceOffice location: CaliforniaOther state licenses: New Mexico and ... more...

Upfront Mortgage Brokers Listed by State
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  BEFORE CONTACTING BROKERS LISTED BELOW, READ  "HOW TO DEAL WITH A UMB" Upfront Mortgage Brokers as of December 10, 2005  Arizona Resident Brokers Keith Carothers, AZ Mortgage Dr. Fee: Negotiated on a case-by-case basis www.azmortgagedr ... more...

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Real Estate Investment Trust
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) A trust that uses investors money to purchase and manage real estate. A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a company that invests its assets in real estate holdings. REIT investments may be excellent inflation hedge. REIT's ... more...

Realtor © Realtor © is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors © (NAR), an organization with over 700,000 members, and subscribes to its code of ethics. ... more...

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Frankfort Kentucky Real Estate
Frankfort Kentucky Real Estate Frankfort, Kentucky, is located in Franklin County, 23 miles NW of Lexington, Kentucky and 129 miles SE of Indianapolis, Indiana. Frankfort has a population of 27,741. Frankfort Homes Frankfort properties pool is 12,283 residential properties including ... more...

Campbellsville Kentucky Real Estate
Campbellsville Kentucky Real Estate Campbellsville, Kentucky, is located in Taylor County, 63 miles S of Louisville, Kentucky and 114 miles NE of Nashville, Tennessee. Campbellsville has a population of 10,498. Campbellsville Homes Campbellsville properties pool is 4,392 residential ... more...

Danville Kentucky Real Estate
Danville Kentucky Real Estate Danville, Kentucky, is located in Boyle County, 32 miles SW of Lexington, Kentucky and 151 miles NE of Nashville, Tennessee. Danville has a population of 15,477. Danville Homes Danville properties pool is 6,255 residential properties including Danville new ... more...

Bardstown Kentucky Real Estate
Bardstown Kentucky Real Estate Bardstown, Kentucky, is located in Nelson County, 30 miles SE of Louisville, Kentucky and 136 miles NE of Nashville, Tennessee. Bardstown has a population of 10,374. Bardstown Homes Bardstown properties pool is 4,162 residential properties including ... more...

Georgetown Kentucky Real Estate
Georgetown Kentucky Real Estate Georgetown, Kentucky, is located in Scott County, 12 miles N of Lexington, Kentucky and 138 miles SE of Indianapolis, Indiana. Georgetown has a population of 18,080. Georgetown Homes Georgetown properties pool is 6,659 residential properties including ... more...

Cynthiana Kentucky Real Estate
Cynthiana Kentucky Real Estate Cynthiana, Kentucky, is located in Harrison County, 25 miles NE of Lexington, Kentucky and 131 miles SW of Columbus, Ohio. Cynthiana has a population of 6,258. Cynthiana Homes Cynthiana properties pool is 2,704 residential properties including Cynthiana new ... more...

Hillview Kentucky Real Estate
Hillview Kentucky Real Estate Hillview, Kentucky, is located in Bullitt County, 10 miles S of Louisville, Kentucky and 122 miles S of Indianapolis, Indiana. Hillview has a population of 7,037. Hillview Homes Hillview properties pool is 2,370 residential properties including Hillview new ... more...

Shepherdsville Kentucky Real Estate
Shepherdsville Kentucky Real Estate Shepherdsville, Kentucky, is located in Bullitt County, 14 miles S of Louisville, Kentucky and 125 miles S of Indianapolis, Indiana. Shepherdsville has a population of 8,334. Shepherdsville Homes Shepherdsville properties pool is 3,208 residential ... more...

Pikeville Kentucky Real Estate
Pikeville Kentucky Real Estate Pikeville, Kentucky, is located in Pike County, 64 miles S of Huntington, West Virginia and 175 miles S of Columbus, Ohio. Pikeville has a population of 6,295. Pikeville Homes Pikeville properties pool is 2,690 residential properties including Pikeville new ... more...

Versailles Kentucky Real Estate
Versailles Kentucky Real Estate Versailles, Kentucky, is located in Woodford County, 12 miles W of Lexington, Kentucky and 143 miles SE of Indianapolis, Indiana. Versailles has a population of 7,511. Versailles Homes Versailles properties pool is 3,185 residential properties including ... more...

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