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Mortgage Auction (or Lead Generation) Sites
May 20, 2002 I Do Auction Sites Work For Borrowers? "You have discussed internet referral sites and individual lender sites, but I don?t see any reference to Lending Tree, which does a lot of advertising. Where does it fit?" Lending Tree is what I call ... more...

What Should I Do With Mortgage Spam?
May 3, 2004 "I have one email message offering a 2.95% mortgage, and another saying that poor credit is not a problem. Should I take these seriously?" Follow my lead and take them to the delete bin. When I log onto my computer in the morning, I might find 100 ... more...

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Sheriff Sale
Sheriff Sale The sheriff's sale is a public auction held at the courthouse door, and anyone can bid on the property. The property is sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds are used to pay for the costs of the sale and to pay off the mortgage. A deed given at the ... more...

Agreement of Sale
Agreement of Sale A written signed agreement between the seller and the purchaser in which the purchaser agrees to buy certain real estate and the seller agrees to sell upon terms of the agreement. Also known as contract of purchase, ... more...

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Get Free bid acceptance Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Should You Buy Hud Homes?
Buy HUD homes are sometimes the cheapest option available for a common man to own a house. The fact that teachers and police officers could buy HUD homes at 50% off the market value attracts more potential buyers.Before starting off hunting around to buy HUD homes, let us see what actually a HUD ... more...

Traditional Marketing Techniques for eBay Auction Ads
Ya know, I sort of giggle when I look at an ad on eBay that's just a black and white description of the item or product that's up for bid. It wasn't long ago at all that I would have done the exact same thing, but once I understood some traditional marketing techniques, not just been exposed to ... more...

How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent
Considering the rapid rise in home prices over the past several years, home sellers are taking a hard look at the commission they have to pay to a real estate brokerage to market and sell their home. Real estate commissions vary across the country; they average in the four to seven percent range ... more...

Effective Keyword Bidding Strategies
When doing Pay Per Click Advertising you'll often see "Bid Gaps" emerge among the cost per clicks of the keywords you're bidding on. For example, the top three positions for the keyword "Mortgage" may be listed as:Position # 1 $1.00 Position # 2 $.79 Position # 3 $.78In this example ... more...

Buying Houses: Types of Bargains to Find
To make a good profit in real estate, you must buy right. Check out all property types available to find the best transaction for your specific situation. Consider fixers, distressed sales, repossessions, multiple listings, for sale by owners, and vacant properties just wasting away.Distressed ... more...

Only Good Guys Look For Jobs?
- Resume Lies and Half Truths -According to the resumes that are distributed to large corporations and small businesses, only good guys look for jobs. This seems to be especially true in the Information Technology field. You will never see a resume that shows that a project was cancelled, or that ... more...

Property Auctions - Tips For Getting A Good Deal
Property auctions used to be rather specialised events, but now they have become quite mainstream in the UK. They seem to feature on TV all the time.All sorts of different types of properties are sold at auction these days. I've seen everything from the pristine and prestige, through the middle ... more...

Google Adwords Online Riches Without Owning A Website Or Product!
Did you know that you can make money from Google Adwords without having a product to sell, or even a website?Its true and there are many people all around the world quietly making lots of money doing it.So how do you do it?Quite simple really, you become an affiliate.An affiliate is somebody who ... more...

Ten Equipment Leasing Tips - Save a Bundle on Your Next Lease
According to the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), U.S. businesses lease every thing from laptop computers to commercial airplanes, racking up more than $ 200 billion in equipment leased each year. Although four out of five U.S. companies use leasing to acquire equipment, many dont know the ins ... more...

Real Estate Terms From Appraisals to Comps
When youre selling your home or other real property on your own, you dont have to know everything about the process. It does help to have a practical knowledge of the terms that come up during the process.Keep in mind, these arent intended as be all, end all, penultimate definitions. Theyre ... more...

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