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When Good Credit Marries Bad Credit
November 2, 1998, Revised November 22, 2004 "My fiancee and I are first time buyers and would like to purchase a single family home in New Jersey. He has an outstanding credit report and I have a bad one (collections, ... more...

Government as Mortgage Lender
May 4, 1998 "Since government regulation has not been successful in eliminating deceptive practices from the mortgage market, wouldn't it make sense to have the government lend directly to consumers?" As ... more...

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Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Top Ten Reasons for Invoice Factoring
Here is our top 10 list as to why you should consider factoring as your funding solution:1. CASH IN AS LITTLE AS 24 HOURS Factoring provides you with the ability to meet your CASH FLOW NEEDS IMMEDIATELY!2. NO DEBT CREATED Loans require collateral limited by your hard assets. Factoring is NOT a ... more...

Dental and Medical Collection Legal Guidelines
Every medical and dental practice has to deal with patients who do not pay. If it doesn't deal with such patients, the costs will simply be passed on to other patients - the practice may simply suffer or fold.Yet the very real dental and medical collection laws issues mean you should think ... more...

Collectible Action Figures - Is About Fun Memories And More Money
Superhero action figures first stormed the doors of department stores and toy stores nearly 35 years ago. Constructed of various kinds of plastic and clothed in uniforms, costumes and capes G.I. Joe, Superman, Spiderman, the Lone Ranger and others marched, flew and rode off store shelves and into ... more...

Mortgage Refinance Tips And Advice
For the average person who does not work in the mortgage industry, the mortgage jungle is very overwhelming. Mortgages are complicated! This article is a small collections of tips and advice of what an average person should know when looking for a mortgage. We kept it simply, but informative ... more...

Breast Cancer Information Is Important
Breast cancer usually happens when certain cells located in the breast start to grow out of control, taking over nearby tissue and spreading throughout the body. Large collections of this infected tissue are called "tumors". Some tumors are not even considered to be cancer because they cannot ... more...

Pay Off Your Student Loans and Reduce Your Debts
Financing a college education is one of the more expensive debts you may incur. Student loans can take years or even decades to pay off. Making late payments or missing payments all together can result in a poor credit rating and collections on your accounts. Millions of people have found ... more...

Growing Your iTunes Music Library - A Guide
iTunes. No question, its the worlds best and most widely used music management application.The main function of iTunes is to store your entire digital music collection. Some people have 200 tracks, others have 50,000. But where do people get all their music? People with bulging MP3 collections ... more...

Guide to Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Unique Points Bergamo is a beautiful city, with a medieval hilltop old town. It is easily reached by Ryanair flights from Glasgow, London, Paris, Girona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stockholm, making it an ideal short break destination. The airport is near the city and can be reached ... more...

FHA Mortgage: What's the Best Way to Show an Underwriter that You're Ready to Buy a House?
Mortgage underwriters can be a suspicious bunch. If you have bruised or even bad credit, you have your work cut out for you. Many loan programs have guidelines that set a minimum FICO score of 620. FHA does not allow lenders to reject a loan based solely on FICO scores, but if yours is less than ... more...

What Happens When Your Credit Is Damaged? Do You Have Recourse?
The good thing about bad credit is that you can fix it. If you start now, over time, your bad credit can turn into good credit, and you could qualify for the loans you want at the rates you want. The most important aspect of rebuilding your credit after it has been damaged is showing lenders and ... more...

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