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Fixing the Mortgage System So It Works For Borrowers
September 5, 2005 In some respects, the United States housing finance system is the best in the world. In other respects, it is unworthy of a banana republic. Our housing finance system has a primary market and a secondary market. The primary market is the market the borrower ... more...

Common Questions About Mortgage Brokers
May 4, 1998 "What do mortgage brokers do?" A mortgage broker is an independent contractor who offers the loan products of multiple lenders who are called "wholesalers." A mortgage broker counsels ... more...

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Get Free contractor Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Contractor Scams Explained
Just like in your personal belongings, you always want your homes to always look good, be organized, and receive good impressions from other people. Every time, little repairs such as leaks, broken window glasses, etc. need to be done, you are always pressured to fix these things immediately. And ... more...

How to Deal With Contractors
Not everyone is aware of how to deal with contractors. Imagine that your Home Improvement Loan has been granted. What do you do next? Do you rush out and find the first available contractor and offer them your cash? Not a good move.Whether you're planning an addition for a growing family or simply ... more...

Under Construction During the Storm A Hurricane Guide for Businesses that are Under Construction
As a business owner, youve likely created a hurricane plan for your business and your family, but did you overlook your construction project? Dont worry, youre not alone. Most people dont even think about preparing their construction site because its not written into their "construction timeline." ... more...

Do You Know What Design/Construct (or "Design/Build ) Means? I Think You Should!
These real questions on 'How To' build are answered by a US Master Builder and myself from the development viewpoint, after I received them from readers of my e-book, "Residential Development Made Easy."Question 1.'Design / Construct' is a development process where the contractor engages and ... more...

Estimating Home Improvements
To be successful, every home improvement project should be based on a sound plan. There are an abundance of books and other publications available, where you can get some great ideas. After you decide exactly what you want to do, try to estimate your costs as accurately as possible. Making a rough ... more...

Finding Your Dream Home
Finding your dream home starts with you. Thats a statement that you will have to remember throughout your search for your dream home. The reason is because throughout your journey of finding your dream home, you will find yourself being derailed one time too many. Everyone will want to give you ... more...

Building Your Dream Home - Part 1
For most of my adult life I had thought about someday building my Dream Home. Several years ago I finally got the chance. I had purchased a lake front lot with a small cottage on it. My initial intention was to use the property as is, and someday raze the old cottage and build a new home in its ... more...

Your Building Your Dream Home, But Where Do You Start?
You have finally found the perfect lot, in the neighborhood of your choice, and at a price you can afford. Now you have to decide what type of house you want built. In fact you may even know the house you want, be it a big rambling farmhouse, with a wrap-a-round porch reminiscent of your ... more...

Mortgage Info You Can Actually Understand!
This is a great time to Refinance Your Home or Buy a New Home -- the Mortgage Rates are so low, these days! It's always worth a shot to find out what the costs of switching over to a new mortgage would be, to see if that's the right move for you.Whether you are building your own house, buying a new ... more...

Mechanic's Lien on Your House
In many places you can buy a house and a contractor can put a lien on it within 90 days of construction or delivery of materials. For example if a contractor fails to pay a subcontractor he/she can place a lien against your real estate.If you have windows installed or any kind of construction, ... more...

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