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The Worst Mistake of Mortgage Borrowers
February 19, 2001 ?What?s the worst mistake mortgage borrowers make??     The worst mistake by far is making decisions based solely on the affordability of monthly payments, without considering ... more...

Avoiding Mortgage Predators
August 20, 2001 ?I read a lot about predatory lending.  How do I avoid becoming a victim??    To educate myself on what makes a victim, I recently studied 51 case histories of households ... more...

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Section 8 Housing
Section 8 Housing The Section 8 program began during the Great Depression to increase the housing choices available to very low-income households by making privately-owned rental housing affordable to them. It provides rent subsidies, either rental certificates or vouchers, on ... more...

Second Home, Vacation Home
Second Home Second home is a seasonally occupied property that is not the primary residence of the owner. Such residences are usually found in areas with substantial opportunities for recreation or tourist activity. Second Home As Investment However, when market is ... more...

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Get Free debt consolidation for home owners Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Going Debt Consolidation Way!
We are aware of the fact that it is easy to get into debts, but on the contrary overcoming it is very complicated. Now give an end to your fear of lenders as more and more companies in the UK are offering solutions to tackle debts of individuals- both home owners and tenants. The buzzword these ... more...

Why Choose a Remortgage?
A remortgage can be used for the purpose of gaining lower interest rates on your mortgage or raising finance through releasing equity.The term Remortgage is used to explain the process of moving your mortgage to a new lender. A different lender may offer a significantly better deal than your ... more...

What's The Truth Behind Your Finances?
Between 15 - 20% of people in our country (UK) own there own businesses. This statistic is on the rise thanks to the incredible invention of the Internet. The staggering truth is that of these only 5% are genuinely financially free! You may well see lots of expensive cars driving on our roads and ... more...

Is Your Credit Ready to Take on a Mortgage?
To help determine whether youre ready to take on a mortgage or not take a look at your finances. Two things that you really want to take a look at are your credit score and current debts. These two factors greatly determine how much home you can afford.Credit Scores.What determines a good credit ... more...

Guide to Secured Personal Loans
Here is a useful guide to secured personal loans. A secured personal loan is the generic term for a loan. A secured personal loan is when you take out a loan that is secured on your property.A secured personal loan is secured against your home to act as security to the lender for the money you have ... more...

Benefits of an Unsecured Loan
Listed below are some of the benefits of an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is a loan which does not require you to have any collateral to secure the loan against.As the loan is not secured against any of your assets you do need to have a positive credit history in order to qualify for an ... more...

Attention Home Owners: Better Loan Solutions For Credit Card Debt Consolidation
In any neighborhood I visit across the country, I continue to find people playing the "credit card balance transfer game." We all know that American like to spend money with credit, and when the rates go up, people seem to think that transferring their credit card balances to new credit card ... more...

Consolidate and Live Debt Free
Are your credit cards in charge of your life? Are you living payday to payday with no end in sight? Making large payments but not making much of a dent on your principal balance? It may be time to consolidate and live debt free.Debt free living opens up so many possibilities for using your money ... more...

Low Rate Debt Consolidation Enjoy The Benefits
Debt consolidation is one of the tools of debt management. It allows people to manage their debts properly.Debt consolidation allows the borrowers to borrow one single loan instead of a number of loans from different people and then pay them at a reduced rate of interest.Following example will make ... more...

New Bankruptcy Law Targeting the Wrong People?
Last April, President Bush enthusiastically signed into law the oddly-named Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act. This bill, representing the biggest overhaul of bankruptcy law in twenty-five years, was written in order to discourage bankruptcy of convenience. Proponents of the bill, which ... more...

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