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Is This Mortgage Warranty on the Level?
6 July 2004 "Under the Loan Warrantee Program offered by DFF International, you pay a fee of 17% of your mortgage loan upfront, and in 60 months they cut you a check for the original loan amount. If you pay a fee of 25% of the loan, they cut you a check for the loan amount in 36 ... more...

Do Secondary Mortgage Markets Help Borrowers?
October 7, 1999, revised April 2, 2003 "In a recent column you said that there was no serious downside to borrowers from having their loans sold, but you didn't point to any upside to the practice, either?Don't loan sales raise costs, ... more...

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Ginnie Mae, Government National Mortgage Association, GNMA
Ginnie Mae, Government National Mortgage Association, GNMA GNMA or "Ginnie Mae," is an agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A government-owned agency, it buys mortgages from lending institutions and pools them to form securities, which it ... more...

HUD The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was established by the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965. A federal agency actively engaged in housing programs and related activities including urban renewal, model cities, block grants, public housing and ... more...

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Mortgage Glossary - A Glossary of Mortgage Terms You Should Know
Acceleration Clause A clause in a mortgage defining that the entire outstanding balance can become due and payable should mortgage default occur. If the entire balance is not paid, the property will be foreclosed.Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Mortgage with interest rates that may be adjusted by ... more...

Capitalizing Small and Medium Businesses; A new idea
Here is an idea to capitalize small businesses using Financial Markets instead of SBA loans and Small Banks. There is a break down in the system. First the process is too bureaucratic since it is supervised by a government agency. Often taking 30 plus days with all the required paperwork. Typically ... more...

Top 10 Things NOT To Tell Angel and VC Investors
I am not writing this to create a list of things not to say so people can hide the facts or in any way mislead potential investors. On the contrary I personally believe you must be 100% upfront with any potential investors, and even volunteer some weaknesses to be credible. I am writing it to ... more...

Investing In Real Estate Investors
With the never-ending changes in our Real Estate Markets real estate professionals are starting to pay attention to the sound of new commission streams of income. Some realtors have either shied away or ran-away from such terms as Cap Rate, & Cash-on-Cash Returns. Terms that only the smart and ... more...

The Typology of Financial Scandals
Tulipmania - this is the name coined for the first pyramid investment scheme in history.In 1634, tulip bulbs were traded in a special exchange in Amsterdam. People used these bulbs as means of exchange and value store. They traded them and speculated in them. The rare black tulip bulbs were as ... more...

Leverage - Margin Debt
What is leverage?Here is a definition of leverage from an online dictionary "leverage - The use of credit or borrowed funds to improve one's speculative capacity and increase the rate of return from an investment, as in buying securities on margin."Essentially, the core idea of leverage is that ... more...

A Bad Real Estate Market is Good for Real Estate Investors and the Country!
The real estate industry in this country is in for a rude awakening!The realtors, mortgage brokers, investors (really speculators) and Alan Greenspan are whistling past the grave yard, living on borrowed time.Few people realize how bad the real estate market can become. I remember in the late 70s ... more...

U.S. Real Estate Sought By Foreign Investors Due to a Weaker Dollar
The weak US dollar has been good news for real estate. Taking advantage of the favorable conversion rates, foreign investors are eagerly picking up real estate in major cities across the US. Who is buying and where are they investing?WHO IS INVESTING?In recent years the U.S. real estate market has ... more...

5 Secrets for Surviving a Real Estate Market Downturn
History repeatedly serves to show us that the real estate market is cyclical. It has boom times and stagnant times, occasionally it suffers a crash but real estate never becomes worthless, therefore if the experts are right and were about to suffer a slow to stagnant period in the real estate ... more...

Investors Eye Arizona Real Estate Appreciation
Real estate investors are always looking for the newest hot area; the part of the country where prices have been low and are on the verge of climbing through the ceiling. Arizona real estate appreciation has made this market one hot area that continues to attract buyers, sellers and investors ... more...

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