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Combine Two Properties In One Mortgage?
June 18, 2001 "My condo has appreciated greatly in value, and I am about to buy a house which will be my permanent residence. I will rent the condo. Is it possible to use my equity in the condo as the down payment on my house by combining the 2 properties into one ... more...

Sample Mortgage Insurance Premiums
Typical Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance Premiums, Revised September 12, 2005 Down Payment as Percent of the Lower of Sale Price or Appraised Value ... more...

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Vacation Home
Vacation Home Vacation home is a seasonally occupied property that is not the primary residence of the owner. Such residences are usually found in areas with substantial opportunities for recreation or tourist activity. Vacation Home As Investment When market is ... more...

Second Home, Vacation Home
Second Home Second home is a seasonally occupied property that is not the primary residence of the owner. Such residences are usually found in areas with substantial opportunities for recreation or tourist activity. Second Home As Investment However, when market is ... more...

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Get Free investment properties Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

How to Research and Purchase a Good Investment Property
How much do you really know about investment property? Accurate research and professional expertise applied to the purchase of an investment property builds a solid foundation for financial success. You may want to work with a REALTOR who can help to identify the great opportunities in investment ... more...

Are You Really A Twenty First Century Investor
Todays residential real estate market for investors has become very competitive in most major markets. The vast majority of real estate investing seminars and clubs are encouraging you to search out desperate home owners or distressed properties to be rehabbed.Not to mention the fact that todays ... more...

Beat the Crowd When Investing in Real Estate
We all are thinking about it and some of us are actually taking action and getting their hands on real estate investment properties. The longer the NY Stock Exchanges doesnt produce desirable returns the more people are starting with real estate investments.For most of us the obvious choice of ... more...

What is Tax-Deferred Exchange?
Under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, owners of real estate held for investment or use in a trade or business can swap their property tax-free for "like-kind" real estate. Exchanges are made for people wanting to stay invested in real estate, increase their leverage and to avoid paying ... more...

Buying Real Estate That's Not For Sale
Buying real estate can start with a look in the newspaper, a visit to a broker, or a search online. These are all good ways to find your next investment property. You're looking at the same properties as every other investor, of course, so it's not always easy to beat the competition to a great buy ... more...

3 Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid in a 1031/TIC Exchange
We've all made bad decisions in the past. Don't you just hate to hear "I told you so" from your friends and family? Or, maybe you catch yourself saying "If only I'd have...?"Personally, I'm one of those people who prefers to learn from someone else's mistakes. If you're at all like me, and you ... more...

Should You Use a Property Management Company or Manage Your Real Estate Investment in Florida?
When considering investment properties, first of all, it must be determined that it is profitable and a good idea to purchase rental properties. Lets talk about this aspect. Owning rental property produces rental income which, if after expenses are deducted produces a profit, would be viewed as ... more...

Investment Property: Part 1
1. Investment PropertyWhat exactly is an investment property? Since this is real estate investments 101, we will explain. An investment property is a piece of real estate you invest in with the objective of earning a return. Primary residences are not considered investment properties because the ... more...

A Million Dollar Real Estate Investment Business Plan For Anyone!
Using a very simple plan, anyone who really wants to can make an extra million dollars by consistently investing in real estate. In fact, because it's so simple most people won't do it. All your real estate investment plan needs to do is follow these simple steps:>> STEP 1. Go out and borrow one ... more...

Guidelines For Assembling Your Real Estate Investing Team
Why Have A Team?It can be quite a daunting task, when youre starting out, to consider hiring accountants, lawyers and other professionals. Not only is the expense a concern but knowing who to consider and how to make a decision about who to utilize puts many people off. And it is for these reasons ... more...

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