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Are Mortgage Assumptions a Good Deal?
November 17, 2003, Revised December 20, 2005 ?I have been offered a deal where I take over the home seller?s mortgage. What are the pros and cons of doing this??  Benefit of Mortgage Assumptions to Buyers When a homebuyer assumes responsibility for a home seller?s ... more...

Detail on Single-Lender Mortgage Web Sites
Summary Rankings of Web Sites, January 12, 2005  Rank URL Score Rank URL Score 1 Amerisave.com 47   2 Eloan.com 46 11 Countrywide.com 25 3 Mortgage.com (ABN ... more...

mortgage assumption related definitions

Assumption The agreement between buyer and seller where the buyer takes over the payments on an existing mortgage from the seller. Assuming a loan can usually save the buyer money since this is an existing mortgage debt, unlike a new ... more...

Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS
Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) are bond or other financial obligation secured by a pool of mortgage loans. Mortgage loans are purchased from banks, mortgage companies, and other originators and then assembled into pools by purchasing entity. ... more...

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Get Free mortgage assumption Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Know Your Mortgage Fees, and You'll Never Pay Too Much for Your Loan
If you buy new windows, youll not only pay for the windows, you will also pay an installation fee. When you purchase a car, you pay tax, title, assumption fee, etc. Just about every major purchase comes with extra costs or fees, and home loans are no different. Most people think they dont have to ... more...

Probe Before You Sell
When selling a product to a customer, it is very important to find out as much as you can about your customer and their needs before you proceed with your sale.This is commonly referred to as needs based selling.The most effective way to find out about your customers needs, is to ask probing, ... more...

Foreclosure Scams To Be Aware Of
Homeowners facing foreclosure should be aware of unscrupulous lenders and scammers. Dont get me wrong, most lenders and agencies are reputable and legit. However some lenders, commonly second mortgage issuers will use unethical practices that increase the risk of nonpayment by the borrower. These ... more...

Do You Speak Real Estate?
Anyone interested in real estate should be able to talk the talk. Here is a list of common phrases and words with a short explanation. Use it as a reference:Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). A type of mortgage loan whose interest rate changes periodically up or down, usually once or twice a year ... more...

Attention all Operators! What is a Dollar Really Worth? by Restaurant Consultants, Inc.
A recent analysis of 120 of the largest publicly traded restaurant companies in the United States shows that the average net profit is 11.71%. That led me to contemplate what operators have to do to actually get that eleven cents to the bottom line, and its harder than most people realize.Selling a ... more...

Home Loans -- Federal Regulators Warn Lenders to Be More Careful
Federal banking regulators have recently expressed some concern over the housing market as home prices in the United States have risen to record levels. While homes are more unaffordable than ever for many people, the lending market remains strong, mostly because of the introduction of new, ... more...

Make Your Referrals Count
Just because we receive a referral, it doesnt mean that the sale is ours and the deal is closed even before we make contact.For all you know, the person being referred to you may have also been referred to someone else, so dont take your referrals for granted.Treat your referral as though it is ... more...

How to Explain Derogatory Credit
As part of the loan process, your borrower may be required to provide an explanation for derogatory credit such as late payments, bankruptcy, or judgments. This is a very important step and may make the difference in the loan program and interest rate that your borrower is approved for. While some ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing - 3 Reasons to Refinance for a Better Rate
Individuals with bad credit often assume that it is impossible to obtain a refinancing or home equity loan. However, this assumption is false. Because a new mortgage and home equity loan is protected by your home, mortgage lenders are more eager to offer money. Do not allow bad credit to ... more...

Avoiding Foreclosure Scams
If your mortgage company is threatening foreclosure, there are things you can do to avoid it (see my article titled How to Avoid Foreclosure). However, you should be aware of scams. If there are solutions to your problems that seem too good to be true, they probably are.For example, if you're ... more...

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