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Avoiding Markups on Third Party Settlement Services
December 17, 2001 ?The Federal appellate court in the 7th circuit recently ruled that it is legal for lenders to make a profit on third party services sold to borrowers, such as appraisals and credit reports. In contrast, HUD has always said that markups were illegal if there were no ... more...

Fannie Mae Under the Gun
17 January 2005 The Accounting Scandal at Fannie Mae "The media has been full of stories recently about accounting scandals at Fannie Mae?Is this another Enron? What does it mean to John Q. Public?" It is an accounting scandal, and heads have rolled as a result, but it is not ... more...

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Back End Points vs. Front End Points
Back End Points vs. Front End Points A point is a type of mortgage slang for a percentage point. The technical term for point is loan origination fee. In laymen terms, a point is a fee you pay to a lender or broker. ... more...

Back End Pionts vs Front End Points
Back End Points vs. Front End Points A point is a type of mortgage slang for a percentage point. The technical term for point is loan origination fee. In laymen terms, a point is a fee you pay to a lender or broker ... more...

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Get Free mortgage back end points Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Refinancing Costs - What to Expect
Refinancing your current mortgage is a wise financial decision if you can recoup the costs of a refi. An average refinancing deal, you can expect to pay between two and six percent of the loan amount if fees and points. On average if you can lower your interest rate by two points, then you will ... more...

New Home Loan - Understand The Various Types Of Mortgage Lenders
So, youve decided to buy a house, and youre ready for that all important next stepapplying for a mortgage loan. But where should you go? After all, the mortgage business is complex, and youve realized quickly that your choices for lenders are immense. Heres a quick guide to help you understand all ... more...

What a Commercial Mortgage Broker Must Do at Closing
Your role in this process is that of a bridegroom at a wedding: stay out of the way, be on time, and keep your mouth shut. Tom C. Korologos, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, describing the advice he gives to presidential nominees. Quoted in the New York Times, September 4, 2005.A commercial mortgage ... more...

Be Prepared to Pay Closing Costs
It can be so hard to save the money for a down payment, then you realize that you'll need to pay closing costs as well. It can be a stressful feeling, wondering if you are going to have enough cash at closing.You will receive a Good Faith Estimate of the closing costs within three days of applying ... more...

Ways To Get A Low Cost Mortgage Loan
Everyone needs a mortgage loan, but for some, they can get a lower costing financing if they know how to look for and secure it. The options are really many in this type of lending yet few people actually take the time to find the right choice for their needs. By cutting back the interest rate of a ... more...

Bad Credit? Qualify Yourself For A Zero Down Mortgage Loan
I decided to write this article today after closing a home purchase loan for a couple that had some major credit issues. They got into the house with ZERO down payment, and only had to bring $600 for the closing costs. Their situation was pretty bad, Im talking about a bankruptcy 2 years ago, ... more...

Buying a House in Scotland
Buying a house in Scotland is slightly different from buying a house in other parts of the UK. It's not particularly complicated, and buying north of the border can often be quicker, but for those relocating from England and Wales there are a number of points you need to bear in mind.Agreement in ... more...

Save Thousands on Your Home by Utilizing California Refinance
Whenever I hear the word refinance or mortgage, I start to get nervous. In California, most folks like to relax, enjoy the sun, sky and surf (or mountains if you have em) and not mess around with their hard-earned homes. But California Refinance can actually save people thousands upon thousands of ... more...

Quality Recovery and Rework - When It All Goes Wrong
When Quality is the Target, but not the Result, what do you do?While Quality may be the overarching goal of all production, stuff happens, resulting in non-conforming parts. This results in failure verification, rework, recalls, sorting, kitting, retest, relabeling and pipeline management, which ... more...

What End Result Do You Want?
Ever noticed that when you have swags of time to complete a task then it takes much more time to complete it than is necessary?I'm aware of a similar phenomenon with money. When I have my mortgage or health insurance debited from an account before funds are paid through to me, it's amazing how that ... more...

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