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Why Pay Points on a Mortgage?
June 22, 1998, Revised January 10, 2003, Revised Nov. 11, 2004 "A friend from the UK told me that over there mortgage borrowers don?t pay points, just an interest rate. Why do we have to pay points here?" ... more...

How Do I Get Rid of My Mortgage Escrow?
April 19, 1999 "We have a perfect payment record and our loan is now about 50% of property value. The mortgage servicer keeps making errors in our escrow account and they won't pay us any interest on the balance. They ... more...

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Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS
Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) are bond or other financial obligation secured by a pool of mortgage loans. Mortgage loans are purchased from banks, mortgage companies, and other originators and then assembled into pools by purchasing entity. ... more...

Mortgage Note
Mortgage Note A written negotiable promise (agreement) to pay a sum of money plus interest at a set interest rate. The note is secured by a mortgage. In turn, mortgage is secured by property. Mortgage note states the amount of debt and the rate of interest, and makes the ... more...

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Get Free mortgage knowledge Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Ask the Expert: When Do I Refinance My Home?
Home refinancing is a wonderful financial tool for homeowners to use for debt management to investments. If the home refinance is used correctly, wisely, and at the right time, the benefits from the refinance can improve the financial picture of the homeowner. There is no cookie cutter approach ... more...

You Will not Allow Your Mortgage to Go Astray in the Absence of Mortgage Advice
Mortgage advice works on the principle that not every person has enough knowledge to back his mortgage decision with. A few of them do not have time enough to spend on the decision-making. They will try to supplement this lack of knowledge by discussing with friends and relatives, searching ... more...

Putting Benefits Before Features
Having spent so many years in retail, I always enjoy being on the listening end of a sales persons presentation.As I listen patiently and attentively, I privately critique the sales person as they make their pitch.I look for certain things, the basics, are they making eye contact with me, do they ... more...

A Guide to Common Loan Terms
Many people may wonder about common loan terms words and phrases that are often tossed about when describing different types of loans that are assumed to be common knowledge.These common loan terms represent very important parts of the lending process, but to the person who isn't entirely sure what ... more...

Class Action Lawsuits and Unethical Settlements
AN INVITATION FOR CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS TO ENGAGE IN UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Copyright 2004 by Michael A. S. Guth. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this article, including this web page, may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, or duplicated in significant portion without the express written ... more...

What to Really Expect for Closing Costs
Closing on a property is a very challenging time for a would-be homeowner. Being informed, either through your mortgage broker, your real estate agent, or through self knowledge is the best thing you can be when going through this procedure.A good real estate agent can help you tremendously. They ... more...

Know Your Product Before You Sell It
Product knowledge is by far the most important key ingredient to posses when it comes to selling your product.Before you sell your product, make sure you know it inside and out, you wouldnt want to be caught without an answer if your prospect had a specific question.Think about it, if you were ... more...

Thought You Can Go All Alone In Mortgages! Mortgage Advice Beneficial In All Important Decisions
Mortgages are easy as long as you understand them well. But how many borrowers can be confident of their knowledge of mortgages.With the list of terms and terminologies related to mortgages growing fastly, it is difficult to keep pace with it. However, the legal maxim goes as follows ignorantia ... more...

Who's That Knocking At My Door? Investing To Rent!
Investing to rent can create the financial and real estate success you have been searching for, but it takes hard work, thoughtful preparation and practical knowledge. As a landlord you must be creative, fearless and intuitive. In the Tidewater area approximately one out of every five homebuyers ... more...

First Time Buyer Mortgage Key to your First Home
Living in a rented apartment since long. Ever thought of the disadvantages of staying as a tenant. Besides losing your freedom to the whims and fancy of the landlord, your hard earned money is going down the drains. Of course, to nourish the landlords finances; such that he is planning to buy a new ... more...

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