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Questions About Mortgage Interest Rates
4 October 2001, Revised 11 November 2004, Revised February 22, 2005 "Do declining bond prices cause interest rates to rise?" No, declining bond prices are higher interest rates.  Suppose on Monday the US Government sells a one-year note at 5%, meaning that an ... more...

Sample Mortgage Insurance Premiums
Typical Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance Premiums, Revised September 12, 2005 Down Payment as Percent of the Lower of Sale Price or Appraised Value ... more...

mortgage notes related definitions

Mortgage Note
Mortgage Note A written negotiable promise (agreement) to pay a sum of money plus interest at a set interest rate. The note is secured by a mortgage. In turn, mortgage is secured by property. Mortgage note states the amount of debt and the rate of interest, and makes the ... more...

Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS
Mortgage Baked Securities, MBS Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) are bond or other financial obligation secured by a pool of mortgage loans. Mortgage loans are purchased from banks, mortgage companies, and other originators and then assembled into pools by purchasing entity. ... more...

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Get Free mortgage notes Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Home Selection Checklist - A Good Aid When Choosing a Home
This home selection checklist is a tool to help you select a home that is right for you and your family. Before you select a home and get a mortgage, you need to know if you will be happy with the home you select for the coming years. Home selection is a major step in your life and using a ... more...

Cash Now For Your Real Estate Contract
BACKGROUND AND FUNDAMENTALSThe private mortgage industry is a relatively young business with roots that can be traced directly to the emergence of seller-backed, or owner, financing. Prior to the very high interest rates of the late 70s and 80s, seller-backed financing was not a common financing ... more...

Can I Sell My Private Mortgage Notes?
In this country millions of homes are sold every year. In most cases buyers go to a bank or finance company to seek mortgage financing.In some cases, 200,000 in the U.S., home buyers rely on the seller rather than a financial institution to provide financing because: The purchaser may not ... more...

Mortgage Marketing - How to Write a Mortgage Marketing Sales Letter That Gets Results!
Have you ever sat down to write a sales letter and been at a complete loss where to start? It happens to all of us.Sales letters are hard to write. And writing a good one takes a lot of time, research and effort. Buta good letter will make you money.The best place to start is with research ... more...

Poor Credit Mortgage Reigns High Among Mortgages Available to Bad Credit Borrowers
Like a big brother keeping notes of the erring behaviour of his younger sibling, credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax maintain a record of each person entering into credit transaction. While a few instances of arrears are considered admissible, as the incidence of bad credit ... more...

Prospecting Your Customer
When you establish a relationship with a customer, you want that relationship to have many levels, not just one layer from one sale.We all have our sales goals to meet on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. This doesnt mean that once we get a sale out of our customer, that we hurry them out the ... more...

Sell Real Estate Notes For Top Dollar
People sell real estate notes to raise cash quickly. A real estate note is just the loan document created when you financed the sale of your house or investment property. It could be a mortgage note, or a land-contract or contract-for-sale. The point is that the buyer is making payments to you, and ... more...

How Real Estate Investors Use Mortgage Note To Purchase Properties
Many of you may not be aware of the various ways notes can be used. The average person's understanding about notes is that people create them because they are desperate to sell a property. Nothing could be further from the truth.Real estate investors are now creating notes to finance properties ... more...

How to Convert Your Real Estate Notes into Quick Cash
If youre a real estate investor needing quick cash, selling your notes could offer a fast, easy solution. It can happen to anyone. You find yourself in a situation where you need a chunk of cashinstantly. Maybe you have to handle an emergency or simply want to free up funds to invest elsewhere. ... more...

Home Equity Loans in Texas
A few notes of importance: This only applies to a homestead property, that is the customers primary residence LTV refers to Loan to Value, meaning the loan amount as compared to the value of the home. As an example, a loan of $75,000 on a home valued at $100,000 would be a loan at 75% LTV. These ... more...

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