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Mortgage Professor about mortgage points: 
Tutorial on Selecting Mortgage Features
Planning to shop for a mortgage on-line? You need to answer the following questions first, so you know exactly what you are shopping for.      1. What Type of Mortgage Should I Select? 2. Which Mortgage Options Should I Select? 3. How Long a Term Should I Take? 4. ... more...

HUD's Proposals For Reform
October 19, 2002 On July 29, 2002, HUD released a set of proposals to substantially change the ways in which home loans are originated in the US.  As usual, the proposals were open for comment, and many thousands of them were received.  Mine was among them, and is shown ... more...

mortgage points related definitions

Back End Points vs. Front End Points
Back End Points vs. Front End Points A point is a type of mortgage slang for a percentage point. The technical term for point is loan origination fee. In laymen terms, a point is a fee you pay to a lender or broker. ... more...

Back End Pionts vs Front End Points
Back End Points vs. Front End Points A point is a type of mortgage slang for a percentage point. The technical term for point is loan origination fee. In laymen terms, a point is a fee you pay to a lender or broker ... more...

More about mortgage points

Get Free mortgage points Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Tips On New York Mortgage Refinance Loan
Many homeowners want to know if it worth taking a New York mortgage refinance. How do you know if New York mortgage refinancing makes sense in your case? Read on to understand when you should refinance and how to go about doing it.When you take up a New York mortgage refinance loan, you pay off the ... more...

Thinking About Refinancing Your Loan?
Refinancing your home or property is a big decision that could drastically affect your financial future, for the good or the bad, depending on how smart you go about the process. Take the time to explore all of the different refinancing options you have available to you. Many loan agents offer ... more...

10 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Rep or Banke
This post is a must read for anyone considering purchasing a home be it today, tomorrow or next year. It is sound advice.1. What is the loan's Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Rate?Find out what the interest rate will be on your loan and the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR is a combination ... more...

You Will not Allow Your Mortgage to Go Astray in the Absence of Mortgage Advice
Mortgage advice works on the principle that not every person has enough knowledge to back his mortgage decision with. A few of them do not have time enough to spend on the decision-making. They will try to supplement this lack of knowledge by discussing with friends and relatives, searching ... more...

Refinancing Mortgage Loan Costs - Are They Tax Deductible?
Not only are your mortgage interest payments tax deductible, but so are your refinancing costs. Points can be deducted over the life of your loan. However, there are some restrictions with this program.Deducting Refinanced PointsWhen you originally take out a mortgage, you can deduct the points ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage - It's Much Easier Than You Think To Get A Home Loan
Is it possible to get a loan even with a bad credit mortgage?In todays mortgage and loan trends, a bad credit mortgage is absolutely possible.In the past, applying for a loan involves a thorough check up on your credit history and income background. If your history is less than perfect or if your ... more...

First Time Home Buyers - Get Your Top 5 Mortgage Questions Answered Here!
Buying a home for the first time can be a little rattling, as it is a huge financial investment and responsibility that will stay with you for years. If you are not familiar with how to buy a home and get a mortgage, then use this information to get a little insight as to what a mortgage is, and ... more...

Deducting Points On Home Refinances
Deduction of Refinance PointsAny points that you pay in the refinancing of your residence are tax deductible over the length of the loan in question. The deduction is allowable only if the residence is your primary home and the new mortgage replaces a previous one and/or is used to improve the ... more...

Home Mortgage Quote Problems? The Likely Culprit is Your Credit
Your credit has everything to do with home mortgage rates as lenders charge more points and higher interest charges to consumers with bad credit. Poor credit always implies greater risk, so lenders are entitled to be compensated for the risk they are taking.If you are a borrower who enjoys good ... more...

Understanding Mortgage Points
When a mortgage broker asks a borrower to pay points, he or she is asking for a lending fee expressed as a percentage of the value of the loan. For example, two points on a deal worth $100,000 works out to $2,000.Sometimes, a lender may require the borrower to pay "origination points" on a mortgage ... more...

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