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Questions About Mortgage Brokers and Lenders
June 24, 2002 I get tons of mail from borrowers who are confused about the differences between lenders and mortgage brokers, and how these differences matter. "What is a mortgage broker?" A mortgage broker is a loan provider who offers the loan products of different ... more...

Save Commission by Becoming a Broker?
March 20, 2000 "I just obtained my real estate broker's license. I want to finance the purchase of my own home and save money by earning the commission on the mortgage. Is there a list of lenders and loan programs similar to the ... more...

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Secondary Mortgage Market
Secondary Mortgage Market The place where primary mortgage lenders sell the mortgages to investors like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac in order to obtain more funds for originating more new loans. Secondary mortgage market provides liquidity for the lenders. Government-sponsored ... more...

Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker An individual in the business of assisting in arranging funding or negotiating contracts for a client buy who does not loan the money himself. Brokers usually charge a fee or receive a commission for their ... more...

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Get Free mortgage wholesale lenders Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Let the Mortgage Companies Fight for Your Business
The mortgage industry is a highly competitive one, so it is considered wise to shop around for the best deal and let the mortgage companies fight for your business.The mortgage industry exceeds far beyond that of the banks you see on every street corner as you head into town.Besides the banks there ... more...

Locating a Bad Credit Mortgage
If you are looking to purchase a home or refinance the one you are currently living in, but believe this may not be a possibility for you because you have bad credit, think again.Just because you have bad credit does not mean you will not be able to receive a mortgage. In fact there are many ... more...

Why a Mortgage Professional Beats a Banker Every Time -- The Story Tells It All
The best way to explain why a mortgage professional is always better than a banker is to use an anecdote. My parents lived in the house I grew up in for 35 years, so it was finally time to move. They found a home they liked, made an offer, and signed a purchase agreement. After conferring with me ... more...

Mortgage Loan Most Bankers Won't Give May Be Exactly What You Need to Buy or Refinance Your Home
A few years ago, a loan officer who worked for me was having a problem helping a customer. He was new to the business and had very little patience for problems (as you might have already guessed, he didnt last very long). He told me the customer was a doctor, who had left a hospital job to open his ... more...

Closing Checklist
Getting a final approval is great but it's not the same as hitting a home run. You're still on third base until you make sure that all of the pre-closing responsibilities are being fulfilled in a timely fashion. The list of activities below are standard items that can be done to expedite loan ... more...

What Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About Investment Property Loans
Savvy real estate investors know that there is an art to getting an investment property loan. Educating yourself on the process will eliminate much of the headache and hassles that often plague real estate investors.If you go into it expecting the same ease as financing a primary residence, you may ... more...

Follow-Up - The Key To Successful Closings
If everyone always did everything they said theyd do, wed all be a lot richer. Unfortunately, tasks are overlooked, and the ball is often dropped. If you want to have successful closings, you must have strong follow-up skills to catch problems early in the process. Follow-up on everyone and ... more...

Mortgage Brokers What Are They?
A mortgage broker is an individual which acts as a middle man between lenders and borrowers. A skilled mortgage broker can look at a variety of different loans to find one which suits the needs of the borrowers. Once they have found a mortgage which meets the needs of their clients, they are then ... more...

For Sale By Owner Marketing Generates Mortgage Leads
One of the best ways to generate mortgage leads is through working with home sellers who are going it alone as For Sale By Owner or FSBO. The key to FSBO marketing is creating partnerships with home sellers. Since almost every buyer needs a mortgage, you provide a necessary service that ... more...

Money Does Talk!
When buying something, you can buy in one of two markets. The first is buying on terms in the retail market and the second is buying in the wholesale cash market. This can be illustrated by referring to the biggest purchase we all make in our lifetime - Real Estate.In recent years, when you are ... more...

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