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Implementation of MHI Act of 2000
May 19, 2003 The table below, courtesy of the Manufactured Housing Institute, shows compliance by the states with the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. ... more...

Questions About Title Insurance
December 16, 2002 "What is title insurance?"   Title insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property.   Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and ... more...

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Oklahoma City Oklahoma Real Estate
Oklahoma City Oklahoma Real Estate Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is located in Cleveland County, of , and of , . Oklahoma City has a population of 506,132. Oklahoma City Homes Oklahoma City properties pool is 204,505 residential properties including Oklahoma City new homes. Median age of ... more...

Choctaw Oklahoma Real Estate
Choctaw Oklahoma Real Estate Choctaw, Oklahoma, is located in Oklahoma County, 6 miles E of Midwest City, Oklahoma and 14 miles E of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Choctaw has a population of 9,377. Choctaw Homes Choctaw properties pool is 3,481 residential properties including Choctaw new ... more...

Clinton Oklahoma Real Estate
Clinton Oklahoma Real Estate Clinton, Oklahoma, is located in Custer County, 67 miles NW of Lawton, Oklahoma and 81 miles W of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Clinton has a population of 8,833. Clinton Homes Clinton properties pool is 3,341 residential properties including Clinton new homes. ... more...

Cushing Oklahoma Real Estate
Cushing Oklahoma Real Estate Cushing, Oklahoma, is located in Payne County, 45 miles NE of Edmond, Oklahoma and 54 miles NE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Cushing has a population of 8,371. Cushing Homes Cushing properties pool is 3,059 residential properties including Cushing new homes. ... more...

Duncan Oklahoma Real Estate
Duncan Oklahoma Real Estate Duncan, Oklahoma, is located in Stephens County, 31 miles E of Lawton, Oklahoma and 71 miles S of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Duncan has a population of 22,505. Duncan Homes Duncan properties pool is 9,431 residential properties including Duncan new homes. Median ... more...

Glenpool Oklahoma Real Estate
Glenpool Oklahoma Real Estate Glenpool, Oklahoma, is located in Tulsa County, 12 miles S of Tulsa, Oklahoma and 92 miles E of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Glenpool has a population of 8,123. Glenpool Homes Glenpool properties pool is 2,757 residential properties including Glenpool new homes. ... more...

Guthrie Oklahoma Real Estate
Guthrie Oklahoma Real Estate Guthrie, Oklahoma, is located in Logan County, 12 miles N of Edmond, Oklahoma and 27 miles N of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Guthrie has a population of 9,925. Guthrie Homes Guthrie properties pool is 3,887 residential properties including Guthrie new homes. ... more...

Ada Oklahoma Real Estate
Ada Oklahoma Real Estate Ada, Oklahoma, is located in Pontotoc County, 53 miles SE of Norman, Oklahoma and 68 miles SE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ada has a population of 15,691. Ada Homes Ada properties pool is 6,684 residential properties including Ada new homes. Median age of real ... more...

Anadarko Oklahoma Real Estate
Anadarko Oklahoma Real Estate Anadarko, Oklahoma, is located in Caddo County, 31 miles N of Lawton, Oklahoma and 49 miles SW of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Anadarko has a population of 6,645. Anadarko Homes Anadarko properties pool is 2,380 residential properties including Anadarko new homes ... more...

Chickasha Oklahoma Real Estate
Chickasha Oklahoma Real Estate Chickasha, Oklahoma, is located in Grady County, 32 miles SW of Norman, Oklahoma and 38 miles SW of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Chickasha has a population of 15,850. Chickasha Homes Chickasha properties pool is 6,424 residential properties including Chickasha ... more...

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