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PITI Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. Also called monthly housing expense. The periodic payment that includes a principal and interest payment plus a contribution to the escrow account set up by the lender to pay insurance premiums and property taxes. If you do ... more...

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Housing Expense-to-Income Ratio The ratio, expressed as a percentage, which results when a borrower's housing expenses - (PITI - Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance) divided by the gross monthly income. This ratio is sometimes referred to as the top ratio or front end ratio. ... more...

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How to Prequalify a Buyer When You Sell Your Home "By Owner"
One questions many "for sale by owner" sellers ask is "how can I determine if a potential buyer can afford to buy my house?" In the real estate industry this is referred to as "pre-qualifying" a buyer. You might think this is a complex process but in reality it is actually quite simple and only ... more...

What Is A FHA Loan?
Most of us need to borrow some money at least at one point of time in our life. When we want to buy a car, to study at the College or University, when we want to buy a house or home, when we need money to start our own business - even when we use our credit cards.There are many types of loans and ... more...

A Real Life Case Study - Another Happy Customer
For many people an option ARM really is the best choice. The Key is to explain it right. Perhaps this case study will help.I have a client a single mom with 2 children. She managed to save small down payment and decided to but a house. The problem is how much house could she afford. At the ... more...

Expense List for Buying a Home
There are many expenses that come with buying a home. The following list is a good example of what to expect:Down payment - A minimum of 20% of the homes purchase price is usually required for the best loan terms and to avoid paying private mortgage insurance (see below), but its entirely possible ... more...

Key Terms to Know When Buying a Home
Turn your dream of home ownership or moving up into a reality, but do it right. The real estate market is a difficult one, and should not be entered casually. There are so many legal/real estate terms, contracts, listing agreements, disclosure statements, title documents, etc. Getting as much good ... more...

Home Mortgages: Think Before You Borrow
In today's overheated housing market, lenders are making it easier and easier to get a mortgage. For example, some lenders have lowered the credit score needed to qualify for a mortgage. Others have increased the debt load that borrowers can carry or have made it easier for borrowers to get loans ... more...

Real Estate Investing Myths That Steal Profits From Your Pocket
One of the things that distresses us about our industry is the amount of wrong or incomplete information available to investors. Some myths block what otherwise would be a great deal, while others would have you believe that a bad deal is actually great. For example, we encourage purchasing homes ... more...

Online Home Equity Loans: A Basic Glossary
Home equity loans can be a great idea for individuals looking to get out of debt or make necessary repairs on their homes. During the process, you will come across a variety of terms and acronyms. We have gathered together some of the basic terms that you come across during your home equity loan. ... more...

Home Buyer Checklist
Before You BuyThe biggest question is: where do I want to live? All of us have different likes and dislikes. The needs of one person may be of little consequence to another person. If you are moving to a new community your questions may be different from somebody who is moving within the ... more...

Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership
Buying a home vs. renting is a big decision that takes careful consideration, as most mortgage consultants will agree. But the rewards of home ownership are great. For many years, purchasing real estate has been considered an extremely profitable investment. It is an achievement that offers a sense ... more...

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