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Mortgage Qualification Versus Mortgage Approval
April 5, 1999 "If we shop around for a mortgage and become qualified, is there a time limit on how long we can hold the lender to the qualification?" Lenders do not commit themselves to anything when they qualify a potential borrower. Hence, there ... more...

Can a Mortgage Broker Guarantee the Rate?
March 5, 2001 "I have read your columns on price quotes from mortgage brokers, and understand the point that these quotes are not firm until they are locked with a lender. However, does that change if the broker ?guarantees? a certain rate, or ?preapproves? me at a certain ... more...

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Closing Costs
Closing Costs Expenses incurred by the buyer and seller in a real estate or mortgage transaction. There are two types of costs: recurring and non recurring. Non-recurring costs are one time transactional costs ... more...

Settlement Costs, Closing Costs
Settlement Costs, Closing Costs Expenses incurred by the buyer and seller in a real estate or mortgage transaction. There are two types of costs: recurring and non recurring. Non-recurring costs are one time ... more...

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Get Free pre qualification Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Plan Your Budget Before Investing on a Property
Owing a property gives a person financial security but before buying any type of property be it home, land, or some commercial property its very important to estimate your budget.Pre-qualification is a very essential step in going for a property deal. There are various ways of pre-qualifying but ... more...

Buying a New Home - How to Get Pre-qualified for a Home Loan
If you are hoping to speed up the home buying process, you may consider getting pre-qualified for your home loan. With a pre-qualification letter in hand, real estate agents and sellers will take you more seriously. Furthermore, sellers may readily accept your offer over another bidder because ... more...

Why Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage Should be Done Before Making a Purchase Offer
So you're in the market to buy a new home and you have your eye on a property that you think might be "the one". Whether or not you have enlisted the aid of a professional real estate agent you will want to do one thing prior to submitting an offer to the home seller: pre-qualify for a mortgage ... more...

Buying a Home Dealing With Lender Letters
Most people who set out to buy a home, be it house, townhouse, condo, apartment, or mansion on a hill, know they need to have a lender letter in hand saying they are qualified for a loan. What most civilians (people not in the real estate business) dont realize is how much the value of a lender ... more...

Home Buying What Can You Afford?
Okay, youve decided to buy a home and are trying to figure out what you can afford. Before you go home buying, you need to carefully consider what you can afford as far as a mortgage payment.Mortgage PaymentsThe first step you should take in determining what you can afford is to talk to a mortgage ... more...

Home Buying Process - Pointers
Before you rush out to purchase a home, there a few tips that might help you get a great deal on the home of your dreams. First, before anything else, it would be in your best interests to talk with a lending company and receive a pre-qualification letter. This letter will let you know exactly what ... more...

7 Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid Before And During The Mortgage Application Process
Heres a list of things you DONT want to do once youve decided that getting a new mortgage is something you need to do:1. Dont go out and buy a new car:Within the few months before applying for a mortgage, or during the mortgage process, avoid the urge to go out and make any large purchases such as ... more...

Houston Mortgage Companies
All home mortgage companies are not alike. There are many Houston mortgage companies working harder for you to get you the best mortgage rates and provide high-level individual customer service for the type of loan your family needs. If you ever dreamed of owning your own home, let these companies ... more...

Real Estate Terms From Pre-Approval Letter to Townhouse
When buying or selling a property, it always helps to have a basic understanding of real estate terms. In this on going series of articles, we take a look at definitions starting with Pre-Approval Letter.1) Pre-Approval Lender Letter a writing from a lender stating that a potential buyer has ... more...

Bad Credit Mortgage - It's Much Easier Than You Think To Get A Home Loan
Is it possible to get a loan even with a bad credit mortgage?In todays mortgage and loan trends, a bad credit mortgage is absolutely possible.In the past, applying for a loan involves a thorough check up on your credit history and income background. If your history is less than perfect or if your ... more...

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