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What Is a "Primary" Residence?
January 8, 2001, revised May 6, 2004 "I understand that lenders penalize you if the house you buy is not your primary residence. My wife's job provides us with an apartment. We want to buy a home to live in on weekends and when we retire. If we will be living in the ... more...

Rescinding a Mortgage Refinance
18 October 2004, Revised November 15, 2005 The Right of Rescission Under the Federal Truth in Lending Act, borrowers who refinance a loan on their primary residence with a lender other than their current lender, can cancel the deal at no cost to themselves within 3 days of ... more...

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Vacation Home
Vacation Home Vacation home is a seasonally occupied property that is not the primary residence of the owner. Such residences are usually found in areas with substantial opportunities for recreation or tourist activity. Vacation Home As Investment When market is ... more...

Second Home, Vacation Home
Second Home Second home is a seasonally occupied property that is not the primary residence of the owner. Such residences are usually found in areas with substantial opportunities for recreation or tourist activity. Second Home As Investment However, when market is ... more...

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Get Free primary residence Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Investing in Residential Real Estate: Achieving Positive Cash Flow
When investing in real estate, it is highly desirable to achieve positive cash flow on a month-to-month basis. This is true even if you are counting on property value appreciation to supply the bulk of your desired return on investment. If you are losing money month-to-month, you may find all of ... more...

Investing in Real Estate for Your Retirement (and Now!)
You've probably heard a lot of opposing information about Investing in Real Estate, which is completely annoying! The straight-forward fact about Real Estate is that it is probably the best and safest investment you'll ever make, especially if you live in it, and that you are far more likely to ... more...

Home Equity Loans in Texas
A few notes of importance: This only applies to a homestead property, that is the customers primary residence LTV refers to Loan to Value, meaning the loan amount as compared to the value of the home. As an example, a loan of $75,000 on a home valued at $100,000 would be a loan at 75% LTV. These ... more...

New Bankruptcy Laws
George Bush's Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act is going to make it much harder for everyday folks like you and me to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy that there is. This is the type that allows you to write off your ... more...

Achieving Positive Cash Flow from Your Real Estate Investments
Even if youre counting on rising property values to eventually make a profit on an investment property, its far more desirable to have a positive cash flow each month. If youre losing money on a property every month, it may not take long until your future profits will have been lost. Owning ... more...

Luxury Condos In Laguna Hills California
If you could choose to live anywhere in the country, where would it be? You may dream about living on the beachfront in Miami watching the waves crash from your bedroom window. You may wish you lived in Las Vegas and could watch the bright lights flashing on the strip. You may want to live in ... more...

How To Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance?
In order to save money on your homeowners insurance you have to consider several price determining factors. One of the biggest factors is whom your insurance provider ends up becoming. You should consider shopping around in order to get as many price quotes as possible. Try to get at least three ... more...

Debt Settlement Facts and Benefits
Even if you are watchful of your budget, things do happen. Particularly tragic to a household budget is a large, sudden debt, or the loss of income which may hinder your ability to repay.Debt negotiators may be able to help you come to equitable settlements for your debts.Professional debt ... more...

Attention Home Owners: Better Loan Solutions For Credit Card Debt Consolidation
In any neighborhood I visit across the country, I continue to find people playing the "credit card balance transfer game." We all know that American like to spend money with credit, and when the rates go up, people seem to think that transferring their credit card balances to new credit card ... more...

Reverse Mortgage Providing Peace of Mind Without Sacrificing Safety or Security
For many seniors one of their greatest sources of security is their home. It not only provides a comfortable and familiar environment, but it provides a sense of independence and a source of many fond memories. The equity in that home represents a financial nest egg and a legacy for them to pass ... more...

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