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Pros and Cons: Mortgage Insurance Versus Higher Rate
December 6, 1999 "We have a 5 percent down payment and our lender has offered us a Tax Advantage Mortgage Insurance plan instead of conventional private mortgage insurance (PMI). Instead of paying a mortgage insurance ... more...

How Can I Avoid Escrows on My Mortgage?
February 8, 1999 "Is it wise to try and get the lender to waive the requirement that taxes and insurance premiums be placed in escrow? I would rather manage that money myself and earn the interest on it. How do I negotiate ... more...

property tax related definitions

Tax Sale
Tax Sale Property on which current county taxes have not been paid is "sold to the state." At this stage no actual sale takes place - the title is transferred to the state and the owner may redeem it by paying taxes, penalties and costs. If it has not been redeemed ... more...

Homestead Exemption
Homestead Exemption Status provided to a homeowner's principal residence - the dwelling (house and contiguous land) of the head of a family -in some states that protects the home against judgements up to specified amounts. Some states grant statutory exemptions, protecting ... more...

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Get Free property tax Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

What is Tax-Deferred Exchange?
Under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, owners of real estate held for investment or use in a trade or business can swap their property tax-free for "like-kind" real estate. Exchanges are made for people wanting to stay invested in real estate, increase their leverage and to avoid paying ... more...

6 REASONS for Investing in Florida Real Estate Investment Property NOW
I invite you to take the next few minutes to learn the truth about the real estate market, how it compares to other methods of building assets and why it is such a lucrative form of investing. Many potential investors will say, 'I need to get into the Florida Investment Property market', especially ... more...

Top Ten Tips when Buying Real Estate!
In today's financial climate, real estate continues to be a strong investment in many areas. Educated buyers will always make the most out of the real estate market. These top ten tips to buying real estate will help you enter into your next real estate transaction with confidence.TIP #1: Hire ... more...

Investment Property - Leveraging Rental Property Equity
Owning investment property is a tremendous wealth building strategy. Thousands upon thousands of individuals have amassed great wealth by investing in rental properties.Unfortunately, few investment property owners learn how to leverage equity in a way that maximizes tax deductions while creating ... more...

SIPPs (Self Investment Pension Plans) Made Easy
What a difference A Day makes!6th April 2006 is A Day. Everything about pensions changes then: mostly for the better, and you need to plan for those changes now.1. You can get tax relief on all your income2. Your pension can buy buy-to-lets, holiday homes and villas abroad; and it can even take out ... more...

The Red Flags of Getting a Home Loan
Red flags are indicators that there may be a current or future problem with the borrower or transaction. They help Underwriters isolate pertinent issues that are part of the overall loan evaluation. They are questionable items, and when there are several, they usually indicate that something is ... more...

10 Top Considerations For Those Buying Property Abroad
Are you one of a growing number of people considering buying a second home in the sun, an idyllic home from home abroad or a lucrative investment property overseas? If so youre not alone! Statistics show that globally were all on the move with a recent survey by YouGov revealing that 55% of adult ... more...

Real Estate for Beginners: Residential Property Taxes
Whenever you own a piece of land, you will be taxed for it. Whether it is commercial property or residential property, there is still a tax to pay, whether it is for a village, town, city, county, or state. Most residential private property taxes are handled on the local level, going no higher than ... more...

Home Mortgage Refinancing Whats in Your Contract?
Are you one of the millions of Americans who will be refinancing their home mortgage loan this year? When you sign your contract and the other papers for your refinance, will you know what your signing?Your Contract: This one is simple, but I would guess very few people do it. READ THE ENTIRE ... more...

1031 Exchange Tax Deferred Benefits Are Hard to Ignore
OVERVIEWSection 1031 in allows you to exchange like-kind investment properties without triggering the payment of capital gains tax. As your property assets appreciate in value you have the ability to upgrade into larger properties with greater cash flow. Section 1031 also gives you the ... more...

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