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Are Credit Problems Cured by the Passage of Time?
20 December 2004, revised June 24, 2005 "My credit record is terrible. I have been advised that if I just wait long enough and don't run up any more debts in the meantime, my terrible record will cure itself. Is this true? " It is only partly true. You have to ... more...

Credit Reports and Credit Scores
November 24, 2004 What Is a Credit Report? A credit report is a report from a credit bureau containing detailed information bearing on credit-worthiness, including the individual's credit history. A typical credit report includes the following: Personal information. ... more...

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Credit Report
Credit Report A report documenting the credit history and current status of a borrower's credit standing, detailing a borrowers credit history including payment history on revolving accounts (eg. credit cards) and installment ... more...

Untitled Document
Abstract of Title A summary provided by a title insurance company of public records affecting the title to a property. An attorney or a title company will review an abstract of title to determine if there are any ... more...

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Get Free public records Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Asset Searching for Recovery Actions - The Decision Maker's Tool Part 2
In Part One of this article we took a look at some minimum recommendations for asset searches as a recovery medium. This discussion is based on the assumption that an asset search has already been determined to be sanctionable by, for example, a loan in default, a judgment that has been rendered, a ... more...

How to Understand Credit Report
Now that you have obtained your credit report, the first thing you need to do is read through it and understand what it all means. Don't feel bad if you don't understand what the credit report is saying to you. Most credit reports are coded because it allows shorter time for the computer to ... more...

What's in My Credit Report?
Your credit report contains a list of every member creditor who has lent you money or provided you with credit in any way. It shows your charge accounts, automobile loans, bank and student loans, home mortgage, and any other credit-related transaction. It shows when the credit line was opened, the ... more...

Protect Your Assets and Your Financial Future
Its been said that, in this litigious society we live in, its better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. Justice, and access to the legal system, seem to be reserved only for the wealthy. So what are the little people supposed to do? What about us average Joes? We have legal concerns, too ... more...

Discover the Parts of a Credit Report and What They Mean
So you ordered a copy of your credit report to check for inaccuracies and get the most from your credit score. Now how do you read it? Your credit report is read and used by any number of people you deal with on a daily basis, from your landlord to your employer to a potential lender. Fortunately, ... more...

Credit Score for Scoring the Right Loan
Somebody once said, There is always a way of knowing your limitations and going beyond it. It is fundamentally true with respect of credit score. There can be nothing more rewarding during loan borrowing than knowing your credit score. There are many people who are practically unaware of what their ... more...

Comprehending a Credit Report
Obtaining a credit report is an excellent way to begin taking control of your financial future. It's recommended that you review your credit report once a year, not only to be aware of your standing with creditors but to also keep abreast of errors and fraud. However, once your report arrives you ... more...

Individual Voluntary Arrangements. IVA
What is an IVA?There is an alternative to bankruptcy called an "Individual Voluntary Arrangement" (IVA). This is a formal arrangement through the county court to pay an agreed amount off your debts over a shorter period. This usually means paying a high monthly instalment over 3 to 5 years. The ... more...

What I Know About Trump, Koch and Anyone Who Owns Property
Did you know that Donald Trump and his companies have approximately 300 hundred files in New York public records. A lot of them were UCC initial, assignment, continuation or termination.Other files include mortgages, assignments, declarations, certificates and deeds. Some are condominium sales. One ... more...

Do you Know the Benefits of Checking your Credit Report?
Do you know why you should check your credit report?Of course you do, because you have undoubtedly experienced one working in your life!No matter where you roam, your credit report follows you through life, updating all aspects of your life: your employment, where you live, your opened credit ... more...

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