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Chose a Credit Card Wisely By Steve Winder

When choosing make sure its one that suites your lifestyle and that it works with you not against you. Always try to pay off monthly if you can and this will help your finances and cash flow. If you look at credit in reverse and say well I could save say $50.00 a week then this will give you a good guide on how much you could pay back on your credit card a month. Always go for a low APR and look for the best option for you. Some Credit Card's have a Rewards program, you'll earn 5% Cash back Bonus others give you gift certificates. So keep a keen eye out for the different offers that suit you. A fantastic new resources web site called www.americancreditdirectory.com has hundreds of Credit Cards to chose from many with no annual fee's and intro periods up to 12 months, Air Miles, and 0% intro APR.

You must ask yourself Do I Need a Credit Card Here are some things to think about

For purchasing over the Internet is a real must to have a Credit Card as most of the time you will be asked for one. With the ever increased security nowadays it is very safe to purchase online as long as its from a reputable company.

You wont have to walk around with large sums of cash on you and take the risks that come with that. Taking a Credit Card on holiday or on business means you will not have to worry about exchange rates and getting local currency. Also for emergencies, cash withdrawals and spreading the cost of a large payment or that unexpected out lay. Credit Cards can be a real safety net if used correctly.

Some of the terminology used can be a bit confusing but here are a few pointers for you.

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate means simply the rate of interest you will pay on the balance outstanding.

Balance transfer means that if you have another Credit Card you can make huge savings by transferring you balance to a new card. Some offer 0% for up to 12 months as I mentioned earlier. So used correctly Credit Cards can be a great thing, especially if you can pay the balance off. I use mine all the time and never use cash unless its for small things, then I pay it off as my salary goes into the bank, so I earn max interest on my Bank Account. If you have a Mortgage that offsets the money in your account to what you owe then you can even pay your Mortgage off quicker saving even more money.

So if youre looking for a Credit Card get over to http://www.americancreditdirectory.com and look at the great offers available.

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