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Credit After Bankruptcy - Getting a Mortgage with Seller Financing By Carrie Reeder

After a bankruptcy, getting approved for a mortgage loan is possible. However, those who apply for a mortgage should anticipate higher rates. To avoid this common pitfall, many choose to delay buying a home until their credit score increases. If you are eager to buy a home, there are other options available that may not involve high interest rates.

What is Seller Financing?

If attempting to get a home loan after bankruptcy, it is helpful to establish credit beforehand. This may include getting approved for a secured credit card or obtaining an auto loan. By doing so, you will increase your odds of getting approved for a reasonable rate mortgage.

Of course, there is always the option of seller financing. Also known as owner financing, this methods entails the new homebuyer making payments to the seller, and not a bank. This way, the homebuyer does not have to undergo the hassle of trying to get approved for a mortgage loan. With seller financing, the person selling the home establishes the interest, terms, and payments.

How Does Seller Financing Work?

If a homebuyer and seller agree to seller financing, consulting a real estate attorney is essential. To ensure that nobody gets the raw end of the deal, specific terms must be established, and a contract signed.

Seller financing is ideal for self-employed people and those with poor credit. Self-employed individuals have a difficult time proving their income. Thus, it may be harder for them to get traditional financing. On the same line of thought, those with bad credit may need time to boost their credit rating before applying for a traditional mortgage loan.

With seller financing, the home seller will agree to finance the home for a specific length of time. The loan term for seller financing are much shorter than traditional loan terms. On average, the seller will finance the home for five to seven years. At the end of the loan term, the buyer will agree to pay the seller a balloon payment. This allows the home buyer enough time to rebuild their credit and qualify for a loan with a mortgage lender.

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Upon the conclusion of the seller financing agreement, the homebuyer must make a balloon payment to satisfy the agreement. The balloon payment is financed with a traditional mortgage lender. Thus, the original seller receives their money for the home, and the buyer begins making payments to the new lender.

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