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How To Get a Cheap Car Loan By Terje Ellingsen

A car is not meant to have a human life time. People change cars more often now than ever. With this trend, there are also an increasing demand for car financing. What should you do to find a cheap car loan? My first advice is this: don't take the first and best vehicle loan offer you receive. Take your time to do your 'homework', receive multiple offers and stick with the best. With the huge competition in the vehicle loan market today, there are actually many lenders competing to grant you an auto loan and they will gladly do it, which enables you to upgrade your old clunker to a newer and hopefully better model.

Now back to the ultimate question; how to get a cheap auto loan?

Do careful legwork upfront

Fortunately, there are lots of financial institutions that want to finance a vehicle for you. In fact, it is the buyers market, so you are free to choose or refuse any offer you receive. What you should do is to collect offers from several finance institutions and compare them with regard to interest rates, fees and terms - those with small print included. This legwork requires a little persistence on your part, but a careful comparison is the best guarantee you can have for achieving the best deal possible. The easiest way to search for loan offers in on the internet. If you want to save time, I recommend that you go online.

Attain and keep a good credit rating

If you have a good credit score, negotiating for a low interest rate is no big deal. So you need to find out which credit rating you have and if it is not as good as it could be, you may use some months to improve it.

To increase your credit rate, always keep your payments current to avoid late notices. Be sure to pay your debts strictly on time for a few months prior to applying for a car loan. If you are able to save some money, that will also contribute to raise your credit score. Generally this rule applies: The higher credit score you have, the lower interest rate you get on your auto loan.

Choose a sizable car loan down payment or trade-in

The less money you borrow the lower your total interest will be. The more money you have saved the smaller the loan youll need to take. And if you have a trade-in car, this will do the same for you. Now, it may be profitable to sell your car to a private person compared to trading it at a dealership. Do your investigation and you'll find out what gives you the best deal all in all.

Fix your finance before you go to the car dealer

A dealership may offer you a car financing solution. I don't say that you cant get a cheap vehicle loan at your dealership, but most dealerships offers are more expensive than a car loan from a bank or a credit institution. When you are in a negotiation process for a car deal, you'll be in a much better position when you know that you already have the amount of money you need for your vehicle. This alone is a good reason to get the finance part in order before you enter the auto dealership's door.

Resist 'irresistible' offers from an aggressive salesperson

You know, the vehicle sales person makes his or her living from selling cars. The more money he or she get from you, the more money the car sales person will earn. So it is in his or hers interest to get as much out of you as possible. Therefore he or she might try to sell you a more expensive model than you planned or give you other 'fantastic' offers of car accessories or other related products or services. What is important for you is to stay focused on your goal of getting the most for your money as well as save as much as you can on your auto loan.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website cheap-used-cars.w-eland.com. Terje gives advice and helps people with automotive and financial issues like online car insurance and finding cheap car loans on the internet.

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