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Is Comparing Escrow Fees Online the Way to Go? By Martin Lukac

Did you know that not all escrow closing fees are the same? It is true, these fees are not regulated by law at all and just like shopping for insurance, you need to look around for the best deal on your escrow fees. Your escrow fees could depend largely upon where it is that you are living. The larger more populated area that you live in the larger your fees may be as a result. If you live in a small little town then chances are good that you will be paying significantly less on your escrow fees. Escrow fees are different everywhere, they can change from state to state and even from county to county. Not only your geography will affect your fee, but also the company that you choose and even the value of your purchase.

By doing the majority of your shopping for an escrow company online you are able to compare the different rates and the different companies that are out there. In a few minutes you can find out what would take you months to find the old fashioned way and this way you will never have to actually reject anyone. If you have ever called a company to find out their fees or prices you know how they can talk around the subject. Their main goal will be to get you into their office and to do that they need to give you the runaround, or so they think. When you do your shopping and researching online you are able to get real quotes right now.

You can do a quick and easy search on Google to find the companies in your area. If you are having a hard time finding the agents in your area then you might want to consider checking out your local online yellow pages. From there you can simply go to their websites and type in what you need to know. Most of them will be able to give you solid quotes right away. If you live in a place where it is the title companies that close on escrow then you should the American Land Title Association site, www.alta.org. They will be able to put you in touch with the companies in your area, you can even ask your realtor he or she will be able to help you.

You are going to find that while some of these escrow companies put their rates up online many others do not. One easy and painless way for you to find out their rates is to simply email them and ask them. Just tell them the basics, the price of the property and your time limit for closing and they will be able to send you an answer quickly. Find out the rates of all the companies in your area, that is the only way that you will know you are getting the best deal in town. Don't forget though that not all of the fees will be set in stone. You should be able to haggle a little with the notary fees, doc prep fees, and even the power of attorney fees.

Never choose a company just for their rates. If there is one that costs way less than all of the others be wary and ask for references. In fact, you will need to ask for references from all of these companies. This is an important deal and you cannot afford to have your escrow company screw it up for you. Check them out, all of them. And make sure that you get a detailed list of all of their services. This way you will be able to compare these lists to see which company will be able to best meet all of your needs. If you are emailing them back and forth be sure to keep every email that answers one of your questions. Just to be safe.

You need to make absolutely sure that you choose a reputable escrow company. This is your future and that of your family, you need to know that all of your needs are going to be taken care of in the event that something pops up. One way to find out just how trustworthy your company is, is to ask them about their fees. Ask them if there are any circumstances that could cause their rates to change. Are there any extra fees that you could end up having to pay? What if you end up having to go outside of the company to have your escrow closed, will they charge you an extra fee? You need to ask these questions and you need to get their answers in writing.

By simply shopping and comparing escrow companies online you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars. Buying a home comes with a lot of fees and many of them will be unexpected so it is nice to be able to save a few hundred here and there to make up for these unpleasant surprises.

Not all states use escrow companies or title companies, if you live in one of these states then you need to find an alternative means to open and close escrow. There are many lawyers who would be able to help you in your area. You can look up and compare them and their fees the same way you would have done the escrow companies. The vast majority of law firms have websites these days and at these sites you can email and ask for their rates and fees. And if there is a lawyer that you know and would like to work with you can ask specifically for that lawyer. In these states the buyer is allowed to choose their closing lawyer. Just make sure that you ask for a very detailed list of their fees and remember that the more info that you give them out of the gate, the more accurate a quote they will be able to give you.

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