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Refinancing Costs - What to Expect By Carrie Reeder

Refinancing your current mortgage is a wise financial decision if you can recoup the costs of a refi. An average refinancing deal, you can expect to pay between two and six percent of the loan amount if fees and points. On average if you can lower your interest rate by two points, then you will usually come out ahead in the end.

Normal Mortgage Costs

Refinancing your home is just like taking out your mortgage the first time. All the loan costs you paid for your original mortgage, you will have to pay again. Usually these had up to $2000 in fees plus at least one point. Fees will be included for application, appraisal, survey, attorney review, and title search.

Besides the loan origination fee of 1%, you can also expect to pay a couple of points for lower rates. Points are flexible though. You can choose to pay no points for a higher rate, or a couple of points for lower rates. Base your decision on how cost effective points would be. Using an online mortgage calculator can help you figure the costs and savings of each option.

Extra Fees For Refinancing

Besides regular mortgage fees, you may get stung on a prepayment penalty or private mortgage insurance. Prepayment fees are prohibited on federally back loans, such as FHA or VA mortgages. Some states also limit prepayment fees. Check your current mortgage before deciding to refinance.

You may also be hit by private mortgage insurance (PMI) if you decide to take out your equity. This can add up to several hundred dollars a year. But if you have a government backed loan, you dont have to worry about this issue.

How To Decide

When you are trying to decide on whether to refinance or not, take a look at your loan and home goals. If you plan to stay in the home for several years, then you have the time to recoup costs.

You can also request quotes from mortgage lenders to see what kind of deal you can get. With no commitment on your part, you can take a look at rates and points that are being offered. To view our recommended sources for payday loans online, visit this page: Recommended Refinance Lenders Online.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website about various types of loans online.

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