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House or Mortgage, What Should I Shop for First?

Deciding on wether to shop for a house first or a mortgage first can be somewhat of a dilemma for a home buyer, but not something to lose sleep over.

The reason being, the seller of a home will most definitely want to see a preapproval from you. It is important to a seller, and rightly so, for them to know that you have the financial backing to buy their house. Otherwise, they are only wasting time that they do not have.

On the other hand, some lenders want to see a contract of sale before they begin the lending process.

My suggestion would be to get in contact with a realtor (tm). Let them know that you are serious about purchasing a home. The realtor will undoubtedly ask you a series of questions, and than guide you in the right direction.

From there, go visit your local bank or lending institution to begin the pre-qualification process.

Again, wether to shop for a mortgage or house first is a dilemma, but not a major one, and it is only a small challenge that should not be difficult to overcome.

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