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List of Upfront Mortgage Brokers
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  BEFORE CONTACTING BROKERS LISTED BELOW, READ  "HOW TO DEAL WITH A UMB" Upfront Mortgage Brokers as of December 10, 2005    Jeremy AaronsonTMG FinanceOffice location: CaliforniaOther state licenses: New Mexico and ... more...

Implementation of MHI Act of 2000
May 19, 2003 The table below, courtesy of the Manufactured Housing Institute, shows compliance by the states with the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. ... more...

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Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Massachusetts Real Estate - History Personified
Massachusetts is a state overflowing with history and yet oddly modern. Massachusetts real estate prices are very pricey.MassachusettsMassachusetts is an incredible mix of history and bustling modern influences. Historically, the state took in many of the initial European immigrants and was the ... more...

Boston Massachusetts Real Estate
Boston Massachusetts Real Estate Boston, Massachusetts, is located in Suffolk County, of , and of , . Boston has a population of 589,141. Boston Homes Boston properties pool is 239,528 residential properties including Boston new homes. Median age of real estate in Boston is 1939. ... more...

Brand Equity
Brand equity can be defined in many different ways. I have developed a simple, yet powerful, definition of brand equity. For a brand to be strong it must accomplish two things over time: retain current customers and attract new ones. To the extent a brand does these things well, it grows stronger ... more...

Direct Mail Leads - Brand Identity Guru
Direct mail can be one of the most effective tactics to reach your target audience. Developing a strategy for direct mail is critical to obtaining the best ROI. If you just roll out any piece without a clear plan you are throwing your good marketing money away.Here are some tips I recommend:Get ... more...

Brand Equity Building - Measuring Brand Value
Measuring brand equity allows a company to establish a baseline and track changes in its brand equity over time. If a company consistently works to improve the strength of its brands, it must trace progress, or risk "flying blind." Changes in a quantitative measurement of brand equity can show the ... more...

Brand Strategy - Brand Value - Brand Identity Guru
Developing brand strategy is extremely critical. The most important asset your company has is its brand. Quite simply, for better or worse, it drives the direction of your business. You should definitely have a well thought out brand strategy in place. Unfortunately, too many companies dont have a ... more...

Brand Strategy - Brand Identity Guru
If you could have the secret recipe and all the manufacturing facilities of Coca Cola but not the Coca Cola brandor have its famous brand but no facilitieswhich would you choose? Its not a trick question. But it demonstrates the power of the brand. Walk into any bank and say hi Im Coca Cola, how ... more...

Is the Real Estate Bubble About to Burst?
How long can prices rise before no one can afford to buy? In a nutshell, that is the basic question that is niggling at the back of our collective subconscious when we talk about the real estate bubble.Real estate is appreciating at staggering rates - as much as 19% in some counties in Florida ... more...

Brand Image Brand Identity Guru
Having a brand image is not a have or have not proposition. Everyone has one. The problem is that you might have more than one brand image, depending on whom you ask. You know yourself, but depending on whom you talk to, others may think youre something completely different. Thats when a brand ... more...

Direct Mail Strategy - Brand Identity Guru
1. Know your purpose: What do you want your direct mailer to accomplish? Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to educate prospects about benefits? Recently, Brand Identity Guru was hired to expand a clients direct mail efforts, so we created a direct mail piece to showcase our clients related ... more...

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