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Mortgage Professor about commercial property insurance: 
Market Niches Priced on Line
All UMLs fill out this form and display it on their web site. Comments by Mortgage Professor Loan Programs Priced On-Line by LENDER X     ... more...

Questions About Title Insurance
December 16, 2002 "What is title insurance?"   Title insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property.   Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and ... more...

commercial property insurance related definitions

Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance An insurance policy that covers property damage due to natural flooding. Flood insurance may be required on properties in a flood zone - the land bordering a stream which is subject to floods of about equal frequency; for example, a strip of the flood plain ... more...

Title Insurance
Title Insurance A policy, issued by a title insurance company, which insures a home buyer against errors in the title search. The cost of the policy is usually a function of the value of the property, and is often borne by the purchaser and/or seller. Policies are also available ... more...

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Get Free commercial property insurance Quotes and Estimates

Get instant on-line mortgage rate quote and closing cost estimate. Only put your loan numbers. No contact info required. Compare offers from top mortgage lenders... more...

Terrorism: Acts of Terrorism: When Will Insurance Respond?
Insurance policies provide financial protection in a broad range of circumstances but each type of product specifies certain situations where the policy will not respond. These vary from one type of product to another, and can vary in detail between one insurer and another. It is important to check ... more...

Mortgage Glossary of Terms
A brief list of some of the most common Mortgage terms.Adverse Credit The term used if the borrower has a poor credit history. This could include previous mortgage or loan arrears, bankruptcy or CCJ's. Other terms used to describe an adverse credit mortgage include: Bad credit mortgagePoor ... more...

Industrial Income Property Financing: Part 3 of 3
Financial ConcernsOf the three types of income property, industrial property requires the greatest degree of technical expertise and experience. Likewise, financing the acquisition of an industrial income property can be, at best, very risky without adequate planning and know-how.The first thing to ... more...

Mortgage 101: First Time Home Buyers Must Read!
There is so much information available to the first time home buyer both on and offline; there really is no excuse for the home buyer to not be educated when going into the mortgage buying process. However, it can be difficult to gather all the mortgage facts and terms into one easy to understand, ... more...

Houston Mortgage Lenders
A mortgage is a device used to create a lien on real estate by contract. It is used as a method by which individuals or businesses can buy residential or commercial property without paying the full value upfront. In legal terms, the creation of a mortgage gives the legal title of the land to the ... more...

Why Invest In Commercial Properties Instead Of Residential?
When investors were leaving the stock market in droves, they turned to investing in real estate. And real estate is an excellent choice compared to stocks. The tax deductions and potential for price appreciation are enough reasons for burned out stock market investors to make the switch.But real ... more...

So You Want to be a Landlord?
The residual income from owning rental properties may bring more money into your life than the fast flip in the long term. If nothing else, the stress is reduced because a well-chosen investment will pay for itself until you the market is ready for you to sell. In order to make this idea work, ... more...

Best Landlord Insurance
Are you looking for the cheapest Landlord Insurance for your investment property? Finding the best landlord insurance does not have to be difficult providing you know exactly what you are looking for. As a landlord, conscious of cashflow, it can be very tempting to opt for the cheapest policy. ... more...

How to Send Your Child to College For Free
Dont use a home equity loan to pay for your childs college education.Use a home equity loan to buy a house for your child to live in and rent out while he is at school! The house will pay your childs college costs.This method will work if the college he/she is attending has private student housing ... more...

What Is A FHA Loan?
Most of us need to borrow some money at least at one point of time in our life. When we want to buy a car, to study at the College or University, when we want to buy a house or home, when we need money to start our own business - even when we use our credit cards.There are many types of loans and ... more...

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